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    The Umbral Labyrinth is the sixth level of Monster Girl Dreams. It is a subterranean checkpoint made up of mysterious dark hallways protected a quartet of Hellhound guardians - Ceris, Beris, Ushris and Iabel - that serves as the final obstacle before the hero can reach Ars Delusia.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    Entrance[edit | edit source]

    The Labyrinth is unlocked by clearing the Caverns. This location plays differently from previous levels, as rather than go through a series of battles and events, the player must instead navigate a maze in a grid map, looking for keys and avoiding both the monster girl guardians and floor traps in order to make their way to the next floor. Due to this unconventional gameplay, the Labyrinth does not possess generic monsters, events or quests, and it does not have the option to be explored via a Grimoire screen.

    Before you begin navigating the Labyrinth for the first time, Ceris will offer you a tutorial so that you can get used to the controls and mechanics. Perpetua also makes an appearance, baffling everyone and scampering off before anyone can do anything about it.

    Important note; defeating the Hellhounds in combat only stops them temporary, and it is possible to run away from them during the fight. Whenever they go active again, they gain increasing stat buffs which increment with every attempt, making them harder and harder the more you encounter them. Defeating them stops them for longer than fleeing.

    First Floor[edit | edit source]


    In the first floor, the player will be hunted by Ceris. The floor is fully visible.

    Second Floor[edit | edit source]


    In the second floor, the player will be hunted by both Ceris and Beris. The floor is fully visible.

    Third Floor[edit | edit source]


    In the third floor, the player will be hunted by both Beris and Ushris. Halfway through the exploration, the map will become partially obscured and the layout will change, adding new invisible traps, an extra key and dead ends.

    The map below shows all possible locations for the remaining 5 keys. The first 5 keys, taken in the previous map, do not respawn. Only the key at what was previously the player's spawn point is added. Yellow represents the keys, and brown is the exit. New walls can and will appear around key locations.

    3rd Floor Changed Map.png

    Fourth Floor[edit | edit source]


    In the fourth floor, the player will be hunted by Iabel. The map is obscured from the start, the layout is far more restrictive and the traps are invisible, making it harder to avoid Iabel.

    There are 3 possible maps of the 4th floor. Trap locations are constant, but the traps themselves are randomly generated. Purple represents the spawn point, yellow are the keys, and brown is the exit.

    4th Floor Maps.png

    Outro[edit | edit source]

    After the player clears the fourth floor, the Hellhound sisters will congratulate you by giving you a Lucidian Passport, finally granting you passage into the fabled monster girl capital of Ars Delusia.

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