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    Alraunes are plant-like monster girls native to the Mystic Forest. They mainly rely on aphrodisiacs to take down the player.

    In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

    "In the center of a large and beautiful pink flower, a young woman with pale green skin, emerald colored eyes, and bright green hair resides. Vines and leaves are sensually woven over her large chest and the rest of her body, but they hardly hide anything and accent her sexual form."

    Encyclopedia Entry[edit | edit source]

    "Plant women who live in the center of beautiful flowers. Contrary to popular belief, these flowers are actually parts of their bodies, and no such thing exists as an alraune without a flower."

    "They attack humans by using their sweet fragrance and sweeter nectar to draw them in before striking. Alraune nectar is a known aphrodisiac with powerful effects, so consumption of it is not advised."

    Combat[edit | edit source]

    Perks[edit | edit source]

    Attacks[edit | edit source]

    • Sweet Scent (Seduction attack, can inflict )
    • Tighten (Sex attack, Sex Fetish, requires Sex stance)
    • Grind (Sex attack, Sex Fetish, requires Sex stance)
    • Make Out (Mouth attack, Kissing Fetish, enters Make Out stance)
    • Forced Nectar Feeding (Mouth attack, Kissing Fetish, requires Make Out stance, inflicts )
    • Caress (Basic attack)
    • Alraune's Invitation (Seduction attack, Sex Fetish, enters Sex stance, requires player to be )
    • Alraune's Temptation (Seduction/Mouth attack, Sex/Kissing Fetish, enters Sex stance, requires Make Out stance, inflicts )

    Strategy[edit | edit source]

    Alraunes are the first enemies in the game who employ Aphrodisiac, the game's equivalent of a poison debuff. They should be defeated quickly in order to keep the Aphrodisiac debuff from accumulating. They have a strong resistance to all Sex, Anal and Pain skills but possess a powerful weakness to Breasts and Magic attacks, making early skills like Suckle and Arouse particularly effective. As Aphrodisiac-based enemies, they are immune to it themselves.

    Scenes[edit | edit source]

    Loss[edit | edit source]

    Alraunes have two sex scenes, one default and another is triggered during the Sex stance.

    Victory[edit | edit source]

    Defeating an Alraune causes her to collapse before the player, before she offers herself to them. Accepting the offer leads you to thoroughly dominate the Alraune, though you lose Spirit when you ejaculate. Each time that happens, you'll have the choice to either continue or head on your way. Should you do it three times, however, you will automatically lose all Spirit and be sent back to the church.

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

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