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    Ars Delusia is the seventh level of Monster Girl Dreams. It is fabled capital of monstergirlkind, resembling a modern bustling city surrounded by pink smog and populated by all sorts of monster girls.

    This is the final level available in the game's current build.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    Introduction[edit | edit source]

    IMPORTANT: Make a save before you enter the level for the first time, as losing the introductory boss fight will lead to a game over!

    Upon visiting Ars Delusia for the first time, the player goes through an extensive introduction sequence, including meeting with Perpetua again, encountering an Imp named Rika and going through a Voltlin security guard. It is recommended to stock on items and be fully healed before progressing into the city proper.

    After meeting Perpetua again in the streets of the city and goes through a humorous stand-off, she reveals a mysterious gemstone she got from a shady local which unleashes a dark magic upon her, transforming her into Dark Perpetua, a powerful Level 50 boss! She is a formidable enemy with 3500 Arousal, so make sure to ready yourself for a fight, as losing to her will lead to a game over.

    After defeating Dark Perpetua, your cherry-colored rival will return to normal and you and her both will be immobilized by the Voltlin police, leading to an outro sequence which can be slightly different if the player has completed Venefica's content. After the sequence is over, Perpetua will hand you the Slime Badge, granting you access to Sleim Vllge and her house if you want to visit her.

    Once the introduction is done, you can come back to the kiosk and continue interacting with Ampere for information and a small number of sex scenes. You can also access the capital's shopping district, Eros.

    Eros District[edit | edit source]

    The Eros District is Ars Delusia's shopping district, featuring clothing stores, small restaurants, and an Arcade.

    Restaurants[edit | edit source]

    You can currently eat to 4 different restaurants in the district, each featuring a fluff scene and sometime an (optional) unique food perk.

    • I.M.P (300 eros): a vending machine, rather than a fully fledged establishment, doesn't grant any perk but is a rather cheap way to get a quick rest in the city.
    • Harpizza (600 eros): a pizzeria run by Harpies and Imps, will grant your character the 'Harpizza Special' perk.
    • Curry and Catastrophe (1000 Eros): a very popular curry restaurant, to the point that you can only access it at midnight. Will grant your character the 'Curry and Catastrophe Special' perk.
    • Shinobi Sushi. (1500 Eros): a sushi all-you-can-eat restaurant, managed by dropouts from the Kunoichi Dojo. Will grant your character the 'Shinobi Sushi Special' perk.
    • Haunting's Bar and Grill. (2000 Eros): A grill themed around ghosts. Will grant your character the 'Haunting's Bar and Grill Special' perk.

    Shops[edit | edit source]

    There are currently 3 available shops in Eros. They offer an assortment of accessories and runes, ranging from affordable gear to high-end expensive equipment.

    • Arch-Light Delights: a high-end fashion establishment with powerful, albeit very expensive items.
    • Impeccable Taste: originally a store tailored toward Imps, now offers affordable articles to other monsters and humans.
    • Graffiti Queen: named after a gang boss, this punk themed store deals in Voltin fashion.

    Arcade[edit | edit source]

    The Arcade offers mini-games based on luck or skill for a fee. Achieving high scores rewards the player with arcade tickets, which can be exchanged with the owner for unique items

    Under Construction[edit | edit source]

    Further content beyond this point has not yet been added to the game.

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