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    This is a detailed walkthrough for Belle's content.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    NOTE: For conversations that have multiple responses, the best response with regards to point gains will be in bold text.

    Phase One: A Helping Hand[edit | edit source]

    Belle can be met when either working for Vivian or by choosing to Enter the Bar. After being introduced to Belle, it is possible to talk with her and begin advancing your relationship with the older Minotaur by choosing to Go to the bar.

    Conversation Based Affection Changes[edit | edit source]

    In order to converse with Belle at the bar, you must either have 10 or more progress or have purchased a drink and be a customer at the bar. If you're just starting out with Belle, then purchase any drink other than Angel Ambrosia as that drink will instantly cause you to become drunk, be cut off, and carried off to bed.

    "Talk about people."[edit | edit source]

    1. "Talk about Vivian." -- Talking about Vivian for the first time will award 1 point of progress.

    2. "Talk about Elena." -- Talking about Elena will allow Belle an opportunity to vent for a change and grant 2 points of progress.

    3. "Talk about Lillian." -- This option has no impact on progress with Belle and only serves to flesh out the world.

    4. "Talk about Elly." Much like talking about Lillian, this result grants no progress with Belle and only serves to enrich the setting.

    "Talk about her work place and job."[edit | edit source]

    1. "Ask about the Goddess' Embrace Inn and Brothel." -- This option only provides information and does not advance progress with Belle.

    2. "Talk about the Inn's food." -- This is currently the most important option to advance with Belle. While it only grants 1 point of progress, it also sets the FoodTalk flag that allows you to ask Belle if you can help her create new recipes for the Inn's menu.

    3. "Ask about the sectioned off area of the bar." -- This is another option that is just for world building and does not award any points of affection with Belle.

    4. "Ask about her job." -- This option will grant 2 points of progress with Belle as you're showing more interest in who she is.

    Assisting the Head Chef[edit | edit source]

    Now that you have been successful in conversing with Belle and have learned that one of her roles for the Inn is head chef, you may ask to help her with her recipes from the initial menu where you go to the bar. Selecting this option will unlock the option to actually help with her recipes.

    Once made, the recipes can be requested in the tavern menu, with each offering a perk. Completing each recipe awards 5 points of progress.

    If you approach Belle at the Bar, return to the primary bar menu where you may order a drink, converse with her, and so on, or work with Belle while she has 20 or more points of progress, Belle will freeze up and take off after having another member of the staff, possibly yourself, cover for her. This will lead to the next stage of Belle's relationship.

    Phase Two: Belle's Personal Assistant[edit | edit source]

    Once Belle takes off, you'll eventually leave to find her as the staff are being steadily overwhelmed by the customers during Belle's absence. When you find Belle, you'll discover she has pursued a taboo fetish for Minotaurs and lactates like a Holstaur. You'll find her in a compromising position and that she has had trouble with the milking machine, requiring some assistance to alleviate the pressure one way or another.

    1. "Help hook her up." -- If you do not have a lactation fetish, this provides a safe off ramp where you just help hook the machine up for her instead of using a more personal touch. For helping Belle, you'll receive 2 points of progress.

    2. "Offer to suckle her breasts." -- If do not mind or in fact enjoy lactation, then you may offer to drink Belle's milk straight from her breasts to alleviate the pressure. While you drink her milk, you'll eventually face another decision on whether or not to take things even further and have sex with Belle.

    A "Shouldn't we get back to the bar?" -- This option pays out 5 points of progress no matter what, automatically sets the flag so that you may help with Belle's milk issues in the future, awards 50 experience points, 500 Eros, and increases your Breast Fetish by 10 temporary levels that can be removed at the Church, if working at the brothel when the event happens.
    B "Fuck and suckle." -- Going all the way and having sex with Belle will also grant 5 points of progress no matter what, also sets the flag so that you may help with Belle's milk issues in the future when next you talk with her, awards 100 experience points, 1000 Eros, increases your Breast Fetish by 20 temporary levels, and increases your Sex Fetish by 10 temporary levels, if working at the brothel when the event happens.

    C "Request nursing handjob." -- Requesting to be jerked off while nursing her will also get you 5 points of progress no matter what, also set's the flag so that you may help with Belle's milk problems, awards 100 exp, 1000 Eros, 25 temporary Breast Fetish levels, and 5 sensitivity in both Cock and Seduction stats, if working at the brothel when the event happens.

    D "Cowgirl and Milking." -- By hooking her up to the milking machine while also being ridden by her, you will also gain 5 points of progress no matter what, also set's the flag so that you may help with Belle's milk problems, awards 100 exp, 1000 Eros, 5 temporary Breast Fetish levels, 15 temporary Sex Fetish levels, and 5 sensitivity in both Cock and Pain stats, if working at the brothel when the event happens.

    After this scene, a few new conversations will be added to Belle when you chat with her at the bar.

    Belle's New Conversations[edit | edit source]

    When next you go to the bar, you may choose to ask "So about your uh, 'milking'?". If you choose to nurse or suckle-fuck Belle, this conversation will automatically lead to the ability to help Belle more with her milk in the future by choosing the new "Want some help with the milk?" option during daytime hours at the bar. If you did not nurse or suckle-fuck Belle and her progress is still over 20, she'll ask if you would like to help her with her milk in the future. The next option appears in the Talk with Belle menu.

    1. "Ask about her lactation." -- Learning about how Belle became milky and some of the issues she faced for engaging in such a taboo fetish for a Minotaur opens up another opportunity to increase Belle's affection.

    A. "Not the worst thing from the past to haunt you, I guess?" -- Belle will appreciate you for bringing a little levity to the situation and that you paid attention to her story without just focusing on the fetish, awarding 5 points of progress.
    B. "Well... I like it too." -- Belle does still enjoy the lactation fetish even now, so this option will grant 3 points of progress for accepting the fetish.
    C. "Not really my thing." -- This is the worst option but does grant 2 points of progress as you did listen to Belle as she discussed her past.

    After all of this, if your progress with Belle is 25 or higher, the next time you become drunk at the bar and need to be carried to bed, Belle will offer to perform a titfuck to bring you a little relief so that you may sleep more soundly.

    Phase Three: ?????[edit | edit source]

    The next phase of Belle's content is currently unknown as of this time. Her story is just beginning and does lay the foundation for future developments and more recipes to assist with as new zones and items become available.

    Credits[edit | edit source]

    • This walkthrough was written by the combined edits of the following users: L30MGD.

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