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    The Bar and Brothel is a location in Town found within the "Goddess Embrace Inn". The Inn, Bar and Brothel are all owned by Vivian, the latter two are run by Belle, the bartender.

    It is possible for the player to work at the Bar and Brothel in exchange for small quantities of Eros and in some cases Experience as well. During work at the Bar and Brothel, it is possible to encounter a large number of characters who are normally only available later in the game, ranging from inhabitants of the monster girl capital to dungeon bosses.

    Working at the Bar and Brothel[edit | edit source]

    Pay is scene dependent, sexual scenes pay more and can offer small quantities of experience whereas the "nothing really happened" scenes only give a small amount of eros but have the advantage of not inducing any negative effects.

    Working at the B&B will always take at least one unit of time, many sex scenes however will take till morning, functioning similarly to the "sleep till morning" option at the inn.

    When working a shift at the bar there are three or four potential options that the player can pick, depending on the time of day, working as a waiter, working at the bar, working the glory holes (dusk or later) or allowing Belle to pick (picked at random). Most scenes are not available in the daytime, which means that it is safe to work during that time though the rewards are sparse, due to the "nothing really happened" scenes being the only options for that time period. Working at night is the opposite, it is highly likely that you will come across a patron that will solicit the player as per the working agreement at the B&B. Some scenes have an option to refuse, but many do not, so you may very well end up with additional sensitivity and fetish levels without being able to back out. You have been warned.

    Waiting tables[edit | edit source]

    Cuddly Imp[edit | edit source]

    You are solicited by a lone Imp, go up to her room for snuggles and a morning BJ or convince her to let you give her a massage.

    Four Drunken Elves[edit | edit source]

    While serving tables, a group of Elves take note of you and take you into their care.

    Galvi's Night Out[edit | edit source]

    Galvi, a very petite Voltlin shortstack, solicits the player and you go up to her room for a rough BJ and fuck session. The scene is refusable and may give the unique status effect "Rut", which will last a few days. This also opens up Galvi from the "checkout the nightlife" option in the bar.

    Hellhound Bondage[edit | edit source]

    Get solicited by the Hellhound girl Beris, you'll need to meet her standards though, high level and/or power are required or she'll tell you to get lost. This also opens Beris up on the "checkout the nightlife" option in the bar. You can meet and service her before getting to the Labyrinth, which will lead to unique dialog when you meet her there.

    Lonely Arch Succubuss[edit | edit source]

    You meet Mara, an extremely seductive woman who is more than meets the eye, who tempts you to spend the night together and uses magic to enhance your manhood during sex. This also opens up Mara from the "checkout the nightlife" option in the bar.

    One Tipsy Elf[edit | edit source]

    A singular drunken Elf can solicit you while waiting tables, after a drunken makeout in the hallway you get ridden by the inebriated elf.

    Oni Massage[edit | edit source]

    Mizuko, the Blue Oni, solicits your services to give her a massage followed by some lovemaking. After meeting her, you may also encounter Himika, her Red Oni sister, who also solicits you but is a little too drunk to remember what to request. You can meet and service them before getting to the Will-Power Temple, which will lead to unique dialog when you meet them there.

    Playful Harpy[edit | edit source]

    You are approached by a Harpy, except it turns out she has no lewd intentions; she really just wants to cuddle and play. You can either oblige and have fun, or refuse and make her sad.

    Submissive Kunoichi[edit | edit source]

    You are taken by a Kunoichi Trainee to a room, only to have her request you to completely dominate her like you did with her sensei. This scene is only available after clearing the Will-Power Temple.

    Tending Bar[edit | edit source]

    Belle's Break[edit | edit source]

    Belle leaves the bar for a moment, though she does not return. You are sent by the waitresses to investigate, only to find her attempting to use a milking machine on herself. You can offer to hook her up on the machine, or just use your mouth instead.

    Elena drinking the night away[edit | edit source]

    A very drunk Elena decides it's time to blow off some steam with you! What happens is based off of your fetish levels with either Sex or Breasts.

    Glory Hole[edit | edit source]

    Condom Milking[edit | edit source]

    A callous Dark Elf uses a condom to milk you in the glory hole.

    Long Tongue[edit | edit source]

    An unseen monster girl uses her paralyzing saliva as she sucks you off, forcing Belle to come and help you as you become unable to move.

    Manticore[edit | edit source]

    Belle places you in one of her Glory Hole booths, but before long a certain Manticore happens along and causes some trouble, either using her tail pussy to feed on you or hiring you for some femdom action. This is part of her romance arc and her dialog changes depending whether you have become intimate or not.

    Mara Visit[edit | edit source]

    Mara notices you in the Glory Holes and decides to have some fun with you herself. This scene is only available if you have reached the end of her relationship path.

    Succubi[edit | edit source]

    An increasing number of succubi take turns enjoying your cock in various fashions. The scene's dialog changes slightly depending on the player's Virility score; having a score of over 300% leads you to earn a very high payment after you essentially feed an entire party of them on your own.

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