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    Catherine is a Succubus who can be found in the Mountain. She is a former human adventurer who was transformed into a monster after accidentally teleporting herself into Ars Delusia, and is still learning how to live her new life. She is always seen hanging out with her friends Heather and Jennifer.

    In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

    "A slightly petite young woman with medium length blue hair, bright green eyes, and soft peach colored skin. Two horns sprout from the sides of her head and point straight up."

    "She's wearing a rather large dark blue sweater made of a soft fabric that tightly fits around her chest and waist unnaturally well, showing off her B cup breasts and slim hips while hiding her privates from view, but every so often she has to roll up the long sleeves as they cover her delicate looking hands."

    "Her supple looking ass easily presses against the sweater, and a long tail ending in a bulbous dark blue heart peeks out from just underneath its hem. Her firm legs are adorned in black thigh high which end in a pair of simple black shoes."

    Quests[edit | edit source]

    Deliver Food To Campers[edit | edit source]

    Vivian sends you out on a seemingly simple quest to deliver some supplies to a few 'stranded' campers, who are in dire need of help.

    Upon arrival, you will find three Succubi bickering about their situation; Catherine, Heather and Jennifer. Of course they will stop when they spot you, the new arrival, and their delivery of 'supplies'. After a short talk they will take you inside and you will be offered a multitude of services from each Succubus. Be warned that taking any offer may increase your fetish for that option, and your sensitivity. Both Heather and Jennifer will drain 2 spirit, requiring at least a total of 5 spirit to continue. Eventually you must feed Catherine too, though it ends with her almost devouring your soul by accident, to which afterwards you receive an Apology Note from the campers, concluding this quest.

    Completing this quest will reward you with 5 Soothing Potions, 5 Ardor Potions, 3 Insomnia Potions, and 1 Heart Rune. Vivian will then give you 2500 Eros.

    Visit the Campers[edit | edit source]

    Choosing this quest allows you to revisit the campers after the incident with Catherine, giving you the option to replay their content. There are no rewards for doing so.

    Scenes[edit | edit source]

    Asking Catherine for sex in the Mountain requires the player to have done a scene with either Heather or Jennifer first, and even then, she refuses to do any actual intercourse.

    Her available scenes are:

    • "Kiss me senseless": results in +5 Kissing fetish
    • "Tail pussy": results in +5 Monstrous fetish and +10 Cock sensitivity
    • "Tail peg": results in +5 Monstrous fetish and +5 Ass sensitivity
    • "Perineum massage": results in +5 Magic sensitivity

    When you run out of Spirit when servicing the campers, you can ask Catherine to revitalize you with her magic in a non-sexual manner. This is the only option that does not result in you gaining more fetish levels.

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • Catherine's art was provided by Otani.

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