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    Monster Girl Dreams Wiki
    Welcome to the Code Mods page of the Monster Girl Dreams Wiki

    Code mods are more than likely made in Python.

    Not to be confused with the List of Mods, for standard json mods!


    Use at your own personally liable risk. This is an openly contributed web page, as such, the links given here could come from anyone, and therefore, all responsibility falls onto the user who chose to download and use it.

    This is a bold new frontier, with many great discoveries yet to be made, and untold dangers to boot. These mods could literally contain anything given it is directly altering the game. It can range from the "oh wow I can play pong at the inn" kind, and the "oh wow it turned my computer into a living mimic and added bonzi buddy to my dekstop" kind. But don't let that stop you from looking. Thoroughly read about and review community consensus on these mods, check notes by the creators, and perhaps most importantly, use a separate game copy and saves. That way, if the game or save becomes corrupted, your vanilla copy and saves are unaffected. JSON mods are also at a higher risk of not being compatible. Future game versions and other code mods, even more-so.

    Despite all of this, the end results can be very rewarding. Please do give them a serious look, and decide if it is something you're interested in trying.

    Installing Mods[edit | edit source]

    Ensure your copy of the game matches the stated game version from the listing. Download, and paste the contents of the mod into the main game directory (where the game executable would be located). Individual mods might have their own additional instructions, given the sheer flexibility of code mods. Be wary of any mod that tells you to use different executable files that aren't the ones that came with the base game copy.

    Adding Your Mod[edit | edit source]

    Feel free to add your creations to the table list below. Fill in each column, following the previous listing by examples. Even if you don't want to make a wiki page, still fill out the column with a link to a non-existent page, in case someone is willing to make one for you.

    Code Mods List

    A final method for listing all of the mods known for Monster Girl Dreams is still being heavily considered. In the meanwhile, the table below should still prove more than sufficient. It is meant to be alphabetical by default, and does not represent any level of quality or completeness over another listing.

    Mod Author Target Version Updated (Y/M/D) Content
    Quickie Pekpuuu MGD 23.5f 2021/02/01 Adds a quickbar with configurable elements and hotkeys. Elements can be usable items and skills.
    Monster arousal display Pekpuuu MGD 23.8 2021/06/21 Adds a visual meter for monster arousal.
    Prepare to Cum Edition Darthsawyer

    DevotedLynx Saryakan

    MGD 24.3a 2022/09/20 Older and more limited version of PtCE 2. Adds new mechanics for the purpose of making the game a more challenging experience.
    Prepare to Cum Edition 2 Saryakan MGD 24.3a 2022/09/20 Further develops on the core concepts of the original PtCE which aims to make the game a much more challenging experience.
    Battle Sound Effects VincentDart MGD 23.9e 2021/09/25 Adds sound effects for penetrative, blowjob and titfuck stances in battle.
    Adventure Partners Mike the Red MGD 25b 2023/04/21 Allows NPCs to join the player on their adventures.
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