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    Holy is a type of skill. it is notable among them for its attacks scale up to your Virility score; the higher it is, the more Arousal they cause. Holy attacks tend to be very effective against demonic monster girls such as Imps and Kunoichi Trainees.

    For the mechanical side of holy skills, see the Skills/Holy list.

    Holy Skills[edit | edit source]

    Demon Layer[edit | edit source]

    The Demon Layer is an artifact created by the Goddess Venereae, taking the form of a silver whip, capable of destroying True Succubi who have devoured souls. To most monsters, however, it merely causes them to be struck by a wave of holy ecstasy, subduing them. It is one of the two only sources of Holy damage in the game, with its damage scaling with your Virility and Power.

    To obtain the Demon Layer, the player must have 55 or more progress with Lillian (increased by interacting with her at the Church and collecting each Sigil), have obtained the Holy Headpat (see below) and have at least 6 Power, Technique, and Allure. Upon entering the Church, this will trigger an event where she offers you a quiz to prove yourself as the Goddess' champion. If all questions are answered correctly, she rewards you with the Demon Layer. Answering the final secret question in the heroic way also gives 5 additional progress with Lillian.

    Holy Headpat[edit | edit source]

    The Holy Headpat is a joke skill which deals minimal damage. It is obtained by talking about combat with Lillian; as she is against the lewd nature of fighting in Lucidia, she recommends you use headpats to defeat your foes instead.

    Most monster girls will react with confusion or annoyance if headpatted, leading to amusing dialog. However, some may get annoyed enough that they will buff themselves in retaliation, making the fight harder. Unlike the Demon Layer, the Holy Headpat deals zero base (Holy) damage and bypasses all bonuses, effectively making it fully reliant on Allure stat scaling.

    The following enemies will gain the "Righteous Fury" buff (increasing their damage dealt by 50% for 10 turns) if hit with the Holy Headpat:

    While mostly useless, the Holy Headpat has some special interactions:

    • Using it on Gren leads her to invite you to cuddle, skipping her fight.
    • Using it on Sofia's first, second, or third fight (first form only) will lead her to instantly defeat the player. Using it during her Enthralling Captivation form will instead apply the "Rage of the Arch Succubus" buff increasing damage by 100% and defense by 50%.
    • Using it on Feng upon your first meeting will instantly defeat her. In subsequent fights, it will automatically skip her first phase.
    • Using it on Ushris makes you steal her hat. Using it again lets you actually pat her head.
    • Defeating Venefica's wild form with a Holy Headpat leads to unique dialog, including a reaction from Elly if she is present.
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