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    The Demon Queen is the mysterious ruler of Lucidia and main antagonist of Monster Girl Dreams. Displeased by recent developments that have allowed monster girls to bear human children, she feels the status quo of her continent of Lucidia is under threat and spurs adventurers and heroes to travel there in order to stop whatever plan she has in motion. According to the Goddess Venereae, you are the hero destined to defeat her.

    She is served by the Black Knight and the Demon Commanders who guard the five Sigils needed to confront her. Despite being the ruler of the continent, most inhabitants are actually unaware of her identity.

    Description[edit | edit source]

    Little is known about the current Demon Queen, as not even her Commanders know what her plan is, or have met her in person. Most assume her to be a Succubus of some description. While powerful, Sofia is stated to be at least just as powerful as her, and the only reason she does not depose her is because she is content to merely sleep all day.

    Lore[edit | edit source]

    The current Demon Queen is not the first to attain that title; she is merely the most recent one, after a number of previous Demon Queens were defeated by human heroes over the ages. The first Demon Queen is said to have been an exceptionally powerful monster who betrayed Venereae about 100,000 years ago, before being brought down by human heroes after the Goddess granted them holy power. Sofia herself was once a Demon Queen, though she describes herself as a terrible one due to not being interested in the responsibilities of the position.

    One of the predecessors of the current Queen cast an incredibly powerful enchantment over the entirety of the continent which makes any kind of physical combat useless, as any attempt to harm another person causes one to harmlessly pass through them. Because of it, all conflict in the continent is instead resolved through sex fights. This enchantment also gives Lucidia a very dream-like feel to humans which can make the place feel disorienting to traverse, unless they have a grimoire of guidance offered by the Guild.

    While the war between humans and monsters died out over time, the rank of Demon Queen has still shifted as the position was usurped by others through the years. Sofia complains the previous one was "too nice" to be effective. The identity of the current Demon Queen remains a mystery, as is her plan; even the angel Lucille is unsure if the Demon Queen's plans are actually evil to begin with.

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