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    Elena is the guildmaster of the Town's Adventurers' Guild and Elly's older sister. A former adventurer, her great physical strength and penchant for alcoholism causes most men to give her a wide berth, much to her frustration.

    Once the player has cleared the Will-Power Temple, Elena will start offering re-speccing services, allowing you to remake your build. Note that it costs a substantial amount of Eros, which increases with each re-spec.

    In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

    A rather buxom, blue eyed woman with long brown hair done up in an eloquent bun. She is wearing what is clearly a formal outfit, consisting of a tight, form fitting white skirt, and a blouse that plunges appreciably in the front.

    Teaches Skills[edit | edit source]

    • Sex
      • Carrying Fuck
      • Finger
      • Multi Thrust
      • Passionate Lovemaking
      • Pound
      • Tantric Thrust
    • Ass
      • Anal Penetration
      • Anal Piston
      • Carrying Fuck
      • Fondle Ass
      • Massage Ass
      • Multi Thrust
      • Passionate Lovemaking
      • Pound
      • Spank
      • Squeeze Ass
      • Tantric Thrust
    • Breasts
      • Breast Fondle
      • Breast Knead
      • Breast Massage
      • Pinch Nipples
      • Suckle
    • Mouth
      • Deep Kiss
      • Lovingly Rough Kiss
      • Make Out
      • Skillfully Passionate Kiss
    • Seduction
      • Massaging Seduction
      • Passionate Lovemaking
      • Seduce
      • Smoldering Flaunt
      • Smoldering Seduction
      • Tantric Thrust
    • Pain
      • Pinch Nipples
      • Spank
    • Buffs
      • Endure
      • Overlimit
      • Power Up!

    Scenes[edit | edit source]

    Brothel[edit | edit source]

    Elena can be encountered at the Brothel if you decide to work for Vivian and pick the option to work behind the bar with Belle at night. Speaking to Elena during the day or unlocking new locations can higher your progress with Elena to unlock the brothel scenes. Normally She chastises the player for working there despite her telling him not to and have a drunk conversation complaining about somthing. But when the player reaches 26 points of progress with Elena she will tease you in one way or another.

    If the player have reached 35 points of progress and complied with Elena's teasing were she will become too drunk to walk back home. The player will carry her to a room only for her to drunkenly demand some intimate time together. As this counts as Brothel work, the player will gain some Eros and Exp once it is over. At this point the player can choose between a titfuck, where Elena uses magic to give you multiple amazing paizuris (increasing Breast fetish and granting 10 Cock Sensitivity), or sex, where she will mount the player and relentlessly fuck them until she orgasms (increasing Sex fetish and granting 10 Pain Sensitivity). You can also tell her that she's drunk then she will randomly choose one of the two options herself.

    Paying your Debt[edit | edit source]

    Should you pay up your debt with the Guild, Elena will offer you the opportunity to return home. Doing so will result in an anti-climatic "good end?" which kicks the player back to the main menu.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • Elena's art was provided by JFC.
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