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    Gameplay in Monster Girl Dreams is driven by a single-player role-playing campaign where your character engages in turn-based combat encounters with monster girls on their way through the continent of Lucidia to reach the Demon Queen. To do so, the player does not use conventional combat found in other RPGs, as violence is impossible in the continent. Instead, the player sexually pleasures their opponents in combat to win. This combat system is what defines the game as a battle-fuck RPG (abbreviated BFRPG).

    The player's spirit meter in-game.

    Basics[edit | edit source]

    Players will use various sexual moves they learn to try to make their opponent climax first. The amount of times the player or monster girl will have to climax will vary on player build and what enemy they're combating. Combat encounters typically occur while on an adventure in a new Location.

    Arousal[edit | edit source]

    Arousal is the game's equivalent of a health bar. As the fighting does not involve any violence, rather it is determined by how sexually aroused you are. It starts at zero and, when full (in combat or most events), you lose 1 Spirit while the Arousal bar is reset. Resting and any source of "healing" in the game will also lower the bar. In some situations, you'll also have the opportunity to safely ejaculate without losing Spirit.

    Energy[edit | edit source]

    Energy is the game's equivalent of a mana/magic bar. Most skills need Energy to use. Certain event choices may also drain Energy, and it can also be used to overcome failed Stat Checks. Certain items, skills, as well as resting will help restore Energy.

    Spirit[edit | edit source]

    Spirit represents the player's life energy, as well as how many times they can ejaculate. If the player runs out of Spirit, they are defeated and the battle ends. Same goes for enemies, though the vast majority of enemies only have one Spirit.

    Stats[edit | edit source]

    Stats come primarily in six forms: Power, Technique, Willpower, Intelligence, Allure and Luck. Each Level-up provides 3 stat points which can be invested into these categories, or directly into max Arousal or Energy.

    • Power represents the player character's physical strength, allows them to break free of restrains and helps stay or get out of sexual stances. Every 5 points gained naturally increase your max arousal by 10.
    • Technique represents the player's dexterity, influencing their initiative, evading blows, escaping combat and their sexual finesse.
    • Willpower represents your ability to resists temptations, influencing your resistance to status effects and reduction of arousal. Every 5 points gained naturally increases your max energy and max arousal by 5.
    • Intelligence represents your magical potential, your ability to apply status effects, and the duration of status effects. Every 5 points gained naturally increase your max energy by 10.
    • Allure represents your ability to seduce and charm foes, increasing all damage delivered and recoil damage from enemy actions.
    • Luck adds benefits across the board, increasing the chance for critical hits and to find rarer items.

    Mechanics[edit | edit source]

    Skills[edit | edit source]

    Skills are your means of combat in MGD. They come in a wide variety of forms, including caressing your enemy's breasts, spanking their butts, whipping them, debuffing them with status effects or penetrative sex. Expert use of your skills is key to progress, as all enemies possess resistances and weaknesses to certain kinds of attacks.

    Items[edit | edit source]

    Items can be used or equipped by the player to provide bonus effects, or unlock game content. They consist of four types.

    • Consumables, functioning as single-use items, which can be utilized during combat, rest points, or any safe area for a variety of effects.
    • Equipment, consisting of equippable Runes and Accessories, typically providing bonuses to the player. The player possesses three rune slots, and one accessory slot.
    • Key Items, obtained at progress milestones in the game, often serve a story purpose, and unlock new new portions of the game's content, such as new locations.
    • Loot, typically dropped by most enemies. They often have no practical use on their own. They can be sold, and some quests may request you obtain a number of such items.

    Perks[edit | edit source]

    Perks are traits which either enhance or decrease your stats in various ways. They are earned by leveling up to certain thresholds, by equipping items or by completing certain character storylines.

    Eros[edit | edit source]

    Eros serve as the game's currency, being virtually identical to "gold" from other RPGs and having the same functions. It is used for purchasing items or services and can be obtained as post-battle loot or through various activities.

    Sensitivities[edit | edit source]

    Both your skills and those of the monster girls you are fighting affect your sensitivities. These are damage multipliers which affect how much damage you take when a certain body part is affected by an attack. For the sake of progressing through the game, you want all of them as to be as low as possible. There are a total of seven:

    • Cock sensitivity is the most important, signifying how sensitive your penis is. Most monster girls will target here. Such is its importance that it takes 2 level-up points to lower it (by 5%), unlike the others.
    • Ass sensitivity shows how vulnerable you are to attacks aimed at both your anus and your buttocks. Monster girls who target this area are rare.
    • Nipple sensitivity affects damage received when the breasts are the target. Very few monster girls target the player's nipples, but many are vulnerable to you targeting theirs. Every point lowers it by 25%.
    • Mouth sensitivity affects oral attacks, including kissing and oral sex. Many monster girls are hungry for your cock, and some might sit on your face too.
    • Seduction sensitivity shows how vulnerable you are to being teased or swayed by honeyed words.
    • Magic sensitivity affects damage taken from spells. Spellcasting is mostly focused on buffs and debuffs, and monster girls who use offensive spells are few and in-between.
    • Pain sensitivity plays on the fact pain is converted into pleasure in this world. It affects skills with sadomasochistic inclinations.

    Sensitivities are increased by being defeated in battle or through certain sex scenes. Perks can also increase or decrease the base values. All start at a base of 100% which can be lowered with points provided at character creation as well as certain level-ups, up to certain limits. Every point invested lowers the sensitivity by 10% unless noted otherwise.

    Holy is a damage type that works similarly to a sensitivity, but is hidden from the player's stats, as no enemy currently uses it against you. Unholy is a damage type which is currently unused, but every character in the game has a coded sensitivity to it, hence why it is listed on their stats in this wiki.

    Fetishes[edit | edit source]

    Fetishes represent how much you are into certain types of moves. Like sensitivities, the higher your fetish, the more damage you will take from certain attacks. Additionally, having too high of a fetish may cause you to automatically lose certain skill checks due to being unable to resist the enemy's advances. There are a total of eight:

    • Sex fetish, for how much you like vaginas.
    • Oral fetish, for how much you appreciate oral sex.
    • Breasts fetish, for how much you are into titties.
    • Ass fetish, for how much you like butts.
    • Kissing fetish, for how much you like making out.
    • Leg fetish, for how much you like thighs.
    • Feet fetish, for how much you are into feet.
    • Monstrous fetish, for how much you appreciate the inhuman physiology of monster girls; this includes the likes of wings, fangs, tentacles and tails.

    Fetishes are increased by being defeated in battle or through certain sex scenes. At least one Fetish must be chosen on character creation, setting it at a starting value of Level 25. Added levels from certain perks are permanent, unless the perk is removed.

    Virility[edit | edit source]

    Virility is a special stat which states how fertile your semen is, among other things. In gameplay terms, having higher virility increases the effect of some enemy monster girls' abilities to drain your energy, eat your semen, or increase the damage they deal, but it also increases the Arousal inflicted by Holy skills. Virility will also scale with both level and spirit as well, leaving higher level players in a compromising position against monsters with the Semen Eater and Semen Frenzy perks due to the increased healing and attack respectively they will receive from it. The actual measurement for Virility is as follows: (Level-1)*0.5 + spirit*5 + 10 + increases from perks

    Stances[edit | edit source]

    When using certain attacks, both the player and the monster girl are put in a stance. This allows both parties to gain access to other skills to continue attacking in a similar fashion, but often also restrict other options. Once in a stance, the combatants are stuck in them until they make an active effort to escape them. The stances that can be initiated by the player are Sex, Anal and Make Out. Some stances can be active at the same time (for example Sex and Make Out) between the player and a single enemy, while multiple enemies might be able to put the player into a combination of stances (for example one Sex and the other Facesit).

    Stat Checks[edit | edit source]

    During encounters and certain scenes, stat checks will be rolled related to the player's stats and some other modifiers. These have a wide variety of effects - usually negative - if failed, such as your character failing to avoid a monster girl's attack and being forced into a stance as a result. On the other hand, succeeding in these checks may lead you to overpower the enemy, gaining an advantage or getting to see certain events you would have otherwise missed.

    Status Effects[edit | edit source]

    Status Effects apply various buffs and debuffs to the player and monster girls, typically during combat. Most are removed from using certain items or simply leaving combat, but some can last longer. They consist of three types.

    • Stat-Changing Effects temporarily affect the stats of the target, reducing or increasing them by an amount.
    • Afflictions typically alter other game mechanics, apply or alter Arousal damage to the target, or inhibit certain actions of the target, as far as skipping their entire turn in combat.
    • Special effects occur due to unique conditions that don't fit elsewhere, such as surrendering in combat, or unique events in the game that apply certain effects that can last beyond a single combat encounter.

    Day and Night Cycle[edit | edit source]

    Day and Night Cycles consist of six time of days: Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Dusk, Evening, and Midnight. Enemies gain the [Allure of the Night buff] at night, from Dusk to Midnight. The buff makes them stronger, but will also give more experience points, eros, and items when defeated. Certain characters and scenes can only be found at night or at day. Time advances primarily from the player resting or working in any capacity in the Town, typically advancing to the next segment. Whenever the player is defeated, they will wake up at Morning the next day. Returning to Town after adventuring normally advances time by one as well.

    Relationship Progression[edit | edit source]

    Certain characters possess relationship progression beyond simple talking; interacting with them enough will get you more content and scenes as you grow closer.

    Adventuring[edit | edit source]

    The Grimoire[edit | edit source]

    The Grimoire is a handy tool given to you by the Guild to aid you in your adventures. It allows you to visit areas you have already cleared, allowing you to choose between its monster girls, events and quests to experience them at your leisure. Progressing through the game and exploring these events may lead you to find even more options on your next visit to a location.

    Rest Points[edit | edit source]

    Rest Points are found scattered through the levels while exploring them. They allow you to restore some of your Arousal, Energy and Spirit at the cost of progressing the time.

    Events[edit | edit source]

    Events are special encounters which happen while exploring a location. Unlike normal encounters, they do not always result in a battle. See the page for a full list of events by location.

    Quests[edit | edit source]

    Quests are objectives which are fulfilled by reaching the end of a location, offering a reward for their completion. See the page for a full list of quests by location.

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