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    The hero is the main protagonist of Monster Girl Dreams. He is a male human hailing from the continent of Fertilia, who has traveled to the monster girl land of Lucidia to seek adventure. The Goddess Venereae deems him to be her chosen hero, destined to defeat the Demon Queen.

    Description[edit | edit source]

    The hero is a blank slate that allows the player to fill in the blanks themselves; there is very little description of his physical appearance, beyond that he is male, has hair and wears non-descriptive adventuring clothes. His skin tone is also picked by the player in the game's Options menu, which allows them to customize him as they please, even by giving him widely inhuman skin colors.

    He has no default name, and is named by the player upon starting a new save file (a nameless character will be automatically named "Hero" by the game). As the monster girls show interest in him, it can be assumed he is at least moderately attractive. His age is unknown, but it can be discerned that he is relatively young due to the wording of the game's intro scene.

    The hero's motives for coming to Lucidia are not specified. It is unknown if he has any relatives or friends in Fertilia. While he is Venereae's chosen hero, he does not appear to be particularly devoted to her religion. His personality depends of how he is played, as the game's dialog options range from empathetic to joking to fearful to mean-spirited.

    The hero's sexual tastes vary according to what content is experienced, though he never expresses dislike for any particular sexual act unless prompted in certain conversations. Experiencing all the game has to offer would make the hero a switch, being submissive towards certain characters (such as Venefica, Sofia and Vivian) while also being dominant towards others (such as Shizu and Tabitha).

    There are a few hard facts about the hero: he graduated at the top of his class in the adventuring school of Adventum, where he learned basic survival skills as well as some simple healing magic (displayed when he attempts to heal Piri's injured wing). However, because of Lucidia's enchantment, virtually all of his other skills are useless. Moreover, despite his scholarly excellence, he plainly has little practical experience with fighting, as evidence by his frightened reaction to Kyra attacking him or his powerlessness before the Black Knight's magic.

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