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    Imps are small lesser demons that reside within the Forest Dungeon. They attack any intruders on sight for their own personal amusement.

    In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

    "A young looking woman with small demonic horns sprouting from the sides of her head and an almost evil looking grin on her face, but these features are contrasted by her pale pink hair and bright blue mischievous eyes, making her look like a trickster than anything else. Small bat wings sprout from her back and a thick spaded tail sways from her rear. Her breasts are rather small, a pert A cup that are barely covered by a few straps of frilly pink cloth. Her very short skirt is made of an identical material, showing off far more than they conceal, and a tight black choker is around her neck."

    Encyclopedia Entry[edit | edit source]

    "Low ranking demons who rely on numbers, magic, and/or trickery to capture men. Imps are usually more mischievous than outright malicious, and enjoy playing pranks on anyone and everyone they can."

    "Any men they do capture are often shared amongst groups of imps living in a dwelling to sate everyone's hunger for spiritual energy, not just kept for the individual or individuals that managed to subdue the male."

    "Due to their low standing in the demonic hierarchy, they can subsist on normal foods to survive, they will just not be happy about it. Similarly due to their low standing and weak willed nature, they are easily bullied into doing work by higher ranking demons, but the promise of eros and/or men is enough to entice them to stick around more often than not."

    "As with many demons, their vaginal fluids have an aphrodisiac effect if consumed."

    Combat[edit | edit source]

    Perks[edit | edit source]

    Attacks[edit | edit source]

    • Sensitize (Magic attack, inflicts )
    • Imp Binding Magic (Magic attack, inflicts )
    • Nipple Tease (Basic Breasts attack)
    • Pinch Nipples (Basic Pain/Breasts attack)
    • Teasing Seduction (Seduction attack)
    • Impish Blowjob (Sex attack, Oral Fetish, starts Blowjob Stance)
    • Double Blowjob (Sex assist attack, Oral Fetish, requires at least two Imps in Blowjob Stance)
    • Playful Tease (Sex attack, Oral Fetish, requires Blowjob Stance)
    • Glans Teasing (Sex attack, Oral Fetish, requires Blowjob Stance)
    • Mischievous Suction (Sex attack, Oral Fetish, requires Blowjob Stance)
    • Triple Blowjob (Sex attack, Oral Fetish, requires at least three Imps in Blowjob Stance)
    • Ravenous Blowjob Assault (Sex attack, Oral Fetish, requires at least four Imps in Blowjob Stance)
    • Naughty Oral Synergy (Sex attack, Oral Fetish, requires at least four Imps in Blowjob Stance)
    • Impish Cock Worship (Sex attack, Oral Fetish, requires at least five Imps in Blowjob Stance)
    • Imp Pussy Altar (Mouth attack, Sex Fetish, inflicts , requires one Imp in Sex Stance, inflicts enters Face Sit Stance)
    • Impish Face Grind (Mouth attack, Sex Fetish, inflicts , requires Face Sit Stance)
    • Impish Insert (Sex attack, Sex Fetish, enters Sex Stance)
    • Playful Grind (Sex attack, Sex Fetish, requires Sex Stance)
    • Mischievous Tighten (Sex attack, Sex Fetish, requires Sex Stance)
    • Impish Reverse Spitroast (Sex attack, Sex/Ass Fetish, inflicts , requires Face Sit/Sex Stance)
    • Impish Encourage (Sex assist attack, Oral Fetish, inflicts , requires two imps in Face Sit/Sex Stance)

    Strategy[edit | edit source]

    Imps rely on numbers to overwhelm the player, having many attacks that rely on having at least one Imp keeping you trapped in a stance. They have an extremely high weakness to the Demon Layer, and beyond that they are also one of the few enemies in the game with a weakness to Pain attacks. Focusing on defeating one Imp at a time early on stops them from overwhelming you, but at higher levels you can deal with all of them at once by using area-of-effect Magic and Seduction attacks, which they do not resist.

    Events[edit | edit source]

    Imp Glory Hole[edit | edit source]

    While exploring the Forest Dungeon, you can come across a glory hole. You must pass a Temptation check of 5 to not stick your penis in it immediately, which grows harder the higher your Oral fetish is. Sticking your dick inside will lead you to be thoroughly serviced by a group of imps on the other side of the wall. Alternatively, you can peek through the hole or listen to their antics before moving on.

    Imp Den[edit | edit source]

    While exploring the Forest Dungeon, you can stumble into a barracks filled with the little fiends! You can either flee (requires a Technique check of 10 or higher), retreat to a chokepoint to fight them in groups of three, or rush in and face them head-on.

    Drawing them out

    At the end of each round, you will have the option to roll the same Technique check to escape again, or to wait for the next wave. If it fails, it will move onto the next round, of which there is a total of four, for a maximum of twelve Imps to defeat. There is no special reward for completing all four rounds, beyond a few lines of unique dialogue, and the usual rewards from defeating each Imp.

    Rush into the den

    It is recommended to attempt this fight at a higher level (~40), as while Imps are low level enemies, they can still overwhelm the player through sheer numbers and by forcing them into stances that interrupt their attacks. Magic and Seduction skills that strike all foes are particularly useful here, as Imps do not resist either forms of damage. A high-level player can very likely defeat an Imp with the Demon Layer in a single hit, but their sheer numbers may make this strategy unreliable.

    Success will lead to a scene where you fuck the pleasure-drunk Imps and allow them to service you like they are your own little harem before you cuddle and snuggle together. Continuing to fuck the Imps causes the barracks to become friendly to you; on your next visit, they will recognize you and suggest you come back to make them company, unlocking the option to visit the barracks directly from Sofia's Domain! (Although this can also be unlocked by helping Ancilla out enough).

    Alternatively, you can find a hidden passageway after defeating the horde, which unlocks Vili and her Trial of Titties. You will have to rush into the den and defeat the Imps twice in order to unlock both forms of content.

    Scenes[edit | edit source]

    Loss[edit | edit source]

    Imps have two loss scenes, depending of whether you are defeated by a single imp or multiple.

    • If defeated by multiple imps, the player is abducted and used as a plaything for a large number of imps, using the characters body as they please until they are teleported out of the dungeon. Results in +2 Cock sensitivity, +1 Nipples sensitivity and +1 Mouth sensitivity.
    • If the player loses to an imp while she's alone, the player will be dragged into her room to milk the player, resulting in +5 Oral Fetish and +5 Cock sensitivity.

    Brothel[edit | edit source]

    While working at the Brothel, the player can be approached by a single imp who wants your services. Unlike other imps, this one is far more interested in snuggles than actual sex. You can either indulge her or convince her to let you give her a massage.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • The Imp's current art was provided by Otani.
    • Named Imps include Vili and Rika.
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