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    Kuniochi Trainees are enemy monster girls who populate the Will-Power Temple. Serving under Shizu, these ninja succubi make use of all manners of exotic ninja arts to make you submit, unless you can beat them and show them who their true master is.

    Once the player defeats Shizu, she can be asked to alter the frequency in which these monster girls appear while visiting the temple.

    In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

    "A hotheaded looking girl with long black hair done up in a tight ponytail. She has pointed ears, seductive red eyes, and a cocky smile on her face, and judging from the way she's carrying herself, she clearly believes that isn't even going to break a sweat against you."

    "Her hands are adorned with sturdy looking black and purple gloves that go halfway up her forearms. She's wearing a skimpy black kimono with purple accents, and it's deliberately open in the front revealing an equally sultry fishnet shirt that presses against her soft C cup breasts and exposes an ample amount of her cleavage."

    "Her kimono does nothing to hide her shapely rear, and she's wearing a thong that leaves very little to the imagination while a gap just above it lets a black spade-tipped tail sway from side to side.\n\nHer supple legs are covered by black and purple thigh highs, and a pair of simple sandals adorn her feet."

    Encyclopedia Entry[edit | edit source]

    "Trainees of a secluded demonic clan of ninja women that train in stealth, espionage, seduction, and much more. They often hide themselves away from the rest of the world in difficult to find training grounds to master various different abilities, and the most infamous and deadly art they master are their 'ninja arts', which are passed down from generation to generation and improved and reiterated with every new practitioner who learns them."

    "A fully trained and skilled kunoichi can easily infiltrate human countries and seduce powerful human leaders to become more sympathetic towards whatever ends they desire, and their extensive knowledge and experience with sexual arts make these transitions happen with incredible alacrity."

    "However, due to the extreme amount of exposure to all different kinds of sexual activities and fetishes during their training, almost all kunoichi end up with large masochistic streaks and desire to be dominated by men. It's not uncommon to hear of kunoichi who 'accidentally' get caught while on missions and are submissive to their newfound 'masters' for the rest of their lives."

    "The trainees of this order, due to their exposure and expertise of arcane and powerful technique, are often undisciplined and cocky, leading them to overestimate their abilities and underestimate their opponents, which can also lead down the aforementioned path of submission and masochism if they fail to properly respect their foes and end up paying the price for it. But be warned, as a true master of the ninja arts may be faking their enjoyment of a situation to lead on their prey and may turn the tables on them in a moment's notice."

    "As with many other demonic species, they feed on human's spiritual energy, often in the form of semen, to bolster their abilities and recover from 'wounds' they receive in combat. As part of their training, kunoichi will often be on the receiving end of all different kinds of magical energies, and as such they will have a natural resistance to magical assaults."

    Combat[edit | edit source]

    Perks[edit | edit source]

    Attacks[edit | edit source]

    • Ninja Art: Blowjob (Sex attack, Oral Fetish, enters Blowjob Stance)
    • Ninja Art: Bouncing Bliss (Sex/Magic attack, requires Sex Stance)
    • Ninja Art: Double Blowjob Kiss (Sex attack, Oral Fetish, requires two Kunoichi Trainees in Blowjob Stance)
    • Ninja Art: Double Blowjob: Suck and Tease (Sex attack, Oral Fetish, requires two Kunoichi Trainees in Blowjob Stance)
    • Ninja Art: Erotic Mist (Magic attack, Kissing Fetish, inflicts )
    • Ninja Art: Erotic Mist Kiss (Magic/Seduction attack, Kissing Fetish, inflicts , requires Make Out Stance)
    • Ninja Art: Eternal Love Kick (Sex/Pain attack, Sex Fetish, enters Sex Stance)
    • Ninja Art: Face Step (Seduction attack, Foot Fetish, inflicts , requires one Kunoichi Trainee in Footjob Stance)
    • Ninja Art: Flash Step (Sex attack, Foot Fetish, starts Footjob Stance)
    • Ninja Art: Grinding Step (Sex attack, Foot Fetish, requires Footjob Stance)
    • Ninja Art: Gyration (Sex attack, Sex Fetish, requires Sex Stance)
    • Ninja Art: Oral Assault (Sex attack, Oral Fetish, requires Blowjob Stance)
    • Ninja Art: Pressure Points (Pain attack, inflicts )
    • Ninja Art: Sleep Bomb (Magic attack, inflicts )
    • Ninja Art: Super Erotic Mist (Magic/Seduction finisher, Kissing Fetish, inflicts )
    • Ninja Art: Tornado Suction (Sex attack, Oral Fetish, requires Blowjob Stance)
    • Ninja Art: Trampling Step (Sex/Pain attack, Foot Fetish, requires Footjob Stance)

    Strategy[edit | edit source]

    Kunoichi Trainees are fairly complex enemies with a wide variety of attacks; they are able to inflict , , and , as well as initiate Sex, Blowjob and Footjob stances. They also often come in pairs, and even gain access to new moves should you be put in two separate stances at the same time. Like other Demon enemies, losing Spirit while in Blowjob or Sex stance will heal them, further increasing their threat.

    Kunoichi Trainees have no interest in Seduction and are resistant to Magic, but take increased damage from Sex and Ass skills as well as the Demon Layer. The latter is the safest means of defeating them, as they can counter-attack with moves of their own if penetrated. If fighting two Trainees at once, it is best to focus on a single one until they are defeated rather than attempting to fight them equally.

    Events[edit | edit source]

    Kunoichi Rope Trap[edit | edit source]

    While exploring the Will-Power Temple, you can come across a rope trap devised by a Trainee. You can spend 50 Energy to avoid the event entirely. Proceeding onward requires either a Technique or Luck check; failure leads to a fight with a Kunoichi Trainee with the player automatically restrained .

    Succeeding the check will make the Trainee get caught in her own trap instead; you can either move on or take advantage of her.

    Scenes[edit | edit source]

    Loss[edit | edit source]

    The Trainees have several loss scenes, depending on the stance the battle ended on.

    • A loss in any stance other than Footjob will result in an aphrodisiac heavy Sixty Nine Draining. (Increases your Oral fetish, raises your Cock sensitivity)
    • Losing to her while in the Footjob scene enters into a scene where she dominates you with her foot and humiliates you for your foot fetish and being a masochist. (Increases Pain sensitivity and raises your Breast fetish)
    • If you lose to two Trainee's at once, they will use you as a Footjob training dummy. (Increases your Feet fetish by 10, increases your Pain and Cock sensitivity)

    Victory[edit | edit source]

    Upon defeating a Trainee, you may either fuck her ass, pussy, or face. Doing this has some positive repercussions, as it will totally reset your Arousal (but not your spirit). You can even 'Fuck her some more' after the scene ends, just for a little more action.

    Brothel[edit | edit source]

    After clearing the Will-Power Temple, you may be solicited by a Trainee who takes you to a room, only to have her request you to completely dominate her like you did with her sensei.

    A Trainee can also be encountered while working the gloryholes. She will use a sex toy on you while teasing you for your inability to fight back. She will, however, feel feedback from her connection to her toy, and at the end you will be able to turn the tables on her, forcing her to cum as well.

    Dream Sequence[edit | edit source]

    If you have a Foot fetish of at least 25 and sleep in your room at the inn after clearing the Will-Power Temple, you may have a dream where a Kunoichi Trainee restrains you and bullies you with her feet until you admit to your fetish, leading her to happily service you some more.

    Will Trials Levers[edit | edit source]

    After defeating Aiko, the player has access to the final room of the will trials, where you find three levers. Pulling all three will lock the doors while a Kunoichi Trainee reveals herself, mocking you for falling for her trap as the room becomes flooded with aphrodisiac. However, reality ensues as the Kunoichi Trainee realizes she forgot a mask to protect herself, and the aphrodisiac is starting to affect her too. You then have a scene where you dominate the Trainee over and over until the aphrodisiac wears off and you are sent back to Town, but not before she kisses you goodbye one last time.

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • The Kunoichi Trainee's art was provided by kalayara.

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