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    Mika is a cat girl mini-boss who lives in the Forest Dungeon. She spends most of her time seemingly locked in a stockade, vulnerable for any passing adventurers to take advantage of her, only for her to reveal it was a trap all along. She is a former adventurer who suffers from a debt problem with the Guild, not unlike your own, and is also quite proud of her rather generous posterior.

    In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

    "A dark skinned cat girl with wild shoulder length black hair and fluffy cat ears. Her face is accented by several pointed tattoos, drawing attention to her strikingly bright yellow eyes with vertical black slits. She's wearing no clothing, showing off her ample C cup breasts, toned midriff, and her incredibly eye-catching ass that jiggles with even the slightest movement. Her long cat tail is perpetually swishing side to side in a playful manner, even when standing still."

    Combat[edit | edit source]

    Perks[edit | edit source]

    Level 8
    Level 13
    Level 20
    Level 45

    Attacks[edit | edit source]

    • Assjob (Ass attack)
    • Purr (Seduction attack)
    • Mika's Seductive Sway (Temptation attack)
    • Pinning Pounce (Restraint, enters thighjob stance)
    • Tempting Thigh Prison (Attack, requires thighjob stance)
    • Wall Pinned Thighjob (Attack, requires thighjob stance)
    • Tailjob (Enters Tailjob stance, Monstrous attack)
    • Tail Stroke (Requires Tailjob stance, Monstrous attack)
    • Mika's Anal Capture (Ass attack, enters anal stance)
    • Tighten (Sex attack, requires Sex/Anal stance)
    • Grind (Sex attack, requires Sex/Anal stance)
    • Mika's Tail Cuffs (Restraint)
    • Mika's Relentless Anal (Sex attack, requires Anal stance, only used when you orgasm)

    Strategy[edit | edit source]

    Mika is the first mini-boss faced in the game, and is relatively simple to defeat so long as the player pays attention to her obvious trap: you are not meant to go into Anal stance, as she will be in full control and take extremely little Arousal. Instead, you should attack her with Sex moves due to her high Sex fetish.

    Even outside of Anal stance, Mika is a crafty enemy with access to and two other stances, Thighjob and Tailjob. These should be avoided if you intend to defeat her with Sex stance, as they will stop you from being able to penetrate her.

    Defeating Mika in Sex stance causes her to gradually level up, increasing her stats, gaining new perks and decreasing her Sex fetish. In her strongest form, she will be so used to having vaginal sex that it will no longer be a weakness for her, essentially turning her into an enemy with no exploitable sensitivities.

    Events[edit | edit source]

    Commander's Pet[edit | edit source]

    You encounter Mika inside of a chamber, where she is alone and 'trapped' in a stockade, claiming that she is being punished by her mistress.

    The player must pass a baseline Willpower check of 5, else you will have no choice but to either fuck Mika's ass while she remains within the stockade, draining your own spirit. You will have a choice if you want to stop or not, after your first climax. If you choose to stop, you will begin the fight restrained by Mika's tail, and in the Anal Sex stance.

    If you continue to fuck her in the ass until you run out of spirit, you will automatically begin her Event Loss Scenes.

    If you choose to fuck Mika's pussy, she will attempt to dissuade you and get you to fuck her ass instead. If you continue on the route to fuck her pussy, you will bypass the battle entirely, due to her extreme weakness to sex.

    If you choose to "Free" her, you will discover that the stockade was never actually locked, and she will become briefly flustered before placing herself back in the stockade, leaving you with only the options to fuck her ass, fuck her pussy, or leave (assuming you have the Willpower to do so.)

    If you try to leave, she will become angry and instantly begin the battle.

    Her reaction in subsequent encounters change depending on what happened in the previous engagement:

    • If you encounter her again after defeating her by fucking her pussy, she will be angry and instantly engage combat.
    • If you lost to her and encounter her again, she will attempt to seduce the player, similar to how she acts in your first encounter with her.

    Scenes[edit | edit source]

    Loss[edit | edit source]

    Mika currently has four loss scenes, three from battle and one from an Event.

    • When losing to her in anal stance or any stance other than thighjob and sex, she captivates the player using her anal skills, grinding and riding the players cock with her ass, milking them completely dry and forcing an anal fetish on them.
    • When losing to her in sex stance, she will purposely continue riding the player with her pussy until both of them climax, giving the player a sex fetish.
    • When losing to her in thighjob stance, she continues to milk the player to exhaustion as the player grips onto her ass. Gives an ass fetish.

    Victory[edit | edit source]

    Defeating Mika while in the Anal position surprises her. At first she will protest that it's embarrassing, but she soon begs for the player to keep making her cum until she fades away, still wanting more.

    Event Defeat[edit | edit source]

    In the Event scene, If the player runs out of spirit while fucking Mika's ass while she remains in the stockades, she will force them to continue fucking her ass until she determines that she has been 'punished' enough.

    Detailed Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    See here for a detailed walkthrough of Mika's content.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

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