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    Azure Blaze is a Male Dom focused content expansion mod for Beris featuring over 25k words of conversation, relationship progression, and sexual encounters with everyone's favorite tempestuous hellhound!

    Status Note[edit | edit source]

    Azure Blaze is currently in active development. The main feature will be Beris, but may eventually include scenes with other characters.

    Vanilla Conflicts[edit | edit source]

    Azure Blaze will overwrite some bar meeting scenes with Beris, which will leave the vanilla versions of those scenes inaccessible. Additionally, this mod has a 99% chance of breaking if Threshold updates Beris further in just about any way. Please use this information to interact with angry hellhound girls responsibly!

    Content Overview[edit | edit source]

    • New conversation scenes: Deepen your relationship with Beris through a variety of talks. Some conversations unlock after you view certain sex scenes!
    • New sex scenes: Eight new sex scenes, several of which have multiple variants you can choose. Some sex scenes unlock after you view certain conversations!
    • Relationship progression: New repeat meeting scenes, new one-off scenes, new wakeup scenes that occur after every new and vanilla sex scene. Enjoy your time with your tempestuous canine companion!

    Compatibility[edit | edit source]

    • This mod is compatible with MGD versions 25.6 and higher. There are currently no known conflicts with other mods.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]


    • Load a Town Save in the Town Square (You should always do this, but since this mod changes town content, loading a save in the bar or your room might throw errors)
    • Acquire the Lucidian Passport by Clearing the Labyrinth
    • Have 50 or more progress with Beris by interacting with her in the Town Bar (If you don't have enough progress, there will be hints as to how much you have in her new menu option)

    Once you have all done all of the above, visit Beris during the evening as usual, or meet her during a brothel shift.

    To unlock all sex scenes and conversations:

    • Ask about the Labyrinth traps: Have sex with Beris at least once.
    • Discuss her kinks -> Do the Mating press scene at least once. Choose to train her to serve you -> (Either option) -> Train her body -> (Either option) -> Mating Press
    • Morning Sex: Discuss her kinks at least once. Morning Sex will become an option along with the other wakeup scenes after any other sex scene.
    • Morning Cowgirl Sex: View the Morning Sex scene at least once

    Version History[edit | edit source]

    • Updated mod to be compatible with new Renpy text markup changes in 25.6. No additional content


    • Added new morning sex scene, progression scenes for the sex scene intros, and the new Beris CGs to existing compatible scenes


    • Added new conversation option after clearing the Labyrinth and updated some scenes based on user feedback


    • Added meta file and icon for mod loader support


    • Updated Progress functions


    • Initial Release