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    Bamboo Road is a mod that adds a new location and is revolved around the author's character, a Xiongmao (Panda MG) by the name of Izebel. Izebel runs a shop located east of the mountains in a mysterious forest said to be myth and legend as the forest itself is said be alive and suddenly appears as it pleases, to adventurers it chooses. Not many know what's in the forest, however, you may be the one find out its mysteries as you follow the trail known as Bamboo Road.

    Status Note[edit | edit source]

    WE'RE BACK BABY However, a lot of stuff has changed regarding the mod and its future. I've started working on the mod again as of Dec. 21st 2022 (My birthday btw). And while some stuff will be staying as far as content, a lot of stuff will also be going. After being burnt out from modding and contemplating what I actually wanted for my original mod. I decided that I was doing WAAAAY too much for it to the point that my ideas for the mod could've been a whole game by itself. Despite this, I've not given up. However, I've took down the download link for this mod "temporarily" because I'm going to be doing a deep dive and rebuilding it from the ground up in terms of content. This will mean that the old version you may of played in the past. Will be deprecated, and I would very much appreciate it if you deleted the old version from y'alls PC's, as to me, its a personal embarrassment of my neanderthal IQ genius and is the representation of the ideas that I had in the past...which are no longer in line with my ideals for a good mod. As you should know, the process for this mod will be a little slow, due to my personal health and irl issues. But I will be working starting now, up until its actually at least...90% complete. As even after posting the new mod I will be making bug fixes, correcting typos, uses of the English language (because I write and talk funny), and so on. Then hopefully down the line, add more content and updates to it. Keep in mind though, more content than what I already have planned, is not under my radar now. Because I want to give as much of my character as I can, but also start small, unlike I did in the past.

    Content Overview[edit | edit source]

      • New character with art by Jiffic, an artist that many recognize from this game. (Izebel)
      • A new location called Bamboo Road, it'll not be a new location that you can explore like Kaa's Beach Mod, but its a new location with content nonetheless.
      • New Japanese inpsired Music. Consisting of 4 tracks to give that exotic atmosphere and feel of home, shop, sex, and dominance.
      • New Items & Perks, Both which are Bamboo Road exclusive and can only be found in Izebel's shop. Izebel will also have her own unique perk when faced in battle.
      • New Scenes, Yes, there will be 5 different scenes involving the dommy panda mommy Izebel, however, you'll have to earn them by doing various tasks. (Nothing too difficult)
      • New Fight (This is optional content I'll be providing, but be prepared for a challenging fight on par with the Labyrinth's "Iabel") (I keep wondering if Threshold thought of that name when I was talking about Izebel 2 years ago because their names are so similar, or if it was just coincidence, but I'm honestly just poking fun at our Dev)

    Version History[edit | edit source]

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