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    Mod:ChefBronzeyardee's Special Mod Kitchen

    Hello its been a while, and while this isn't the mod I was working on, I was up late one night at 3am with a rumbly in my tumbly, and started thinking of food, and considering I was playtesting the mod I was initially working on in MGD at the time, I had a dumb thought and went with it. Granted, I didn't physically eat until 12pm next day, but mentally I was making new recipes and enjoying some new foods I've added to the game. So let I, ChefBronzeyardee introduce you to the ChefBronzeyardee Special Mod Kitchen!!

    Status Note[edit | edit source]

    This mod is supposedly finished, however, I will be making updates here and there, regarding typos, incorrect grammar, and such, and hopefully later down the line when I'm in a better place, I may add more content to this mod, but atm, feel free to download this mod and come one come all to ChefBronzeyardee's Special Mod Kitchen and enjoy all the food you can eat, shake hands and be friendly!!

    Content Overview[edit | edit source]

    -From the very start, you'll have 5 new Food Items in the Simple Menu, and then, once you have the Sigil of Will-Power, you'll have access to another 5 delicious Bronze Certified Meals in the Adventurers Menu!

    -Depending on which meal you eat, you might also see some new dialogue when ordering certain meals and could very well be expanded on in the future!

    -While most food have the same perks as the canon ones, there is also 1 Dish on the Adventurer Menu where you'll have 3 seperate choices allowing you to have 3 different kinds of newly added perks which are powerful, but also timed just like the normal perks. This menu item that's split into 3 different varieties is also 1000 Eros instead of the normal 500. But the pros will always outweigh the cons in my kitchen!

    Version History[edit | edit source]

    v. 1.00
    • Initial Release.
    v. 1.01
    • Hotfix - A specific pizza was giving the wrong perk due to wrong perk name, this has been fixed and download has been updated!
    v. 1.02
    • Hotfix - Fixed a bug that when you ordered a Four Cheese Pizza that it made a random jump to different scenes.
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