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    Diminuendo is a mod that adds a new storyline focused on your character being used as a test subject by a group of size mages.

    Status Note[edit | edit source]

    If you enjoy the mod, please support the author by going to the linked Patreon. Any support is appreciated! patreon.com/rmjwmmd

    Content Overview[edit | edit source]

    • Adds 4 giants(Elf, Nara, Mika, Feng) as events to their respective location.
    • Adds 5 quests to gather ingredients to undo your shrinking curse.
    • Adds 2 new girls who are part of the size coven.
    • New update adds Minotaur, Kyra, Kunoichi Trainee, Imp, Harpy, Toxic Matango, and Ancilla as events.
    • New lesson has been added to Shizu's teachings in the dojo. Once you have the perk from the starter quest simply talk to her and select the 'Shrunken Target' lesson.
    • To access the content you must possess the Labyrinth Checkpoint Gem and go to the Mystic Forest for the intro quest: Cut Down to Size.
    • After defeating Diminuenda you will be allowed to warp back to the coven's hideout to rechallenge her and Allynna, and to relive the ingredient quests.
    • Ver 3.5 New update adds 2 Perpetua scenes in the forest, 2 Venefica scenes in BonBonBun, 1 scene for Kotone and Minoni in their respective rooms at the Temple, and finally separate scene for Oni Twins as well a tag team scene in the boss room of the Temple
    • Ver 4.0 Adds two new girls(One in the forest and one in the mountain) and 5 scenes to the brothel.

    Compatibility[edit | edit source]

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    Disclaimer: The long and short of it is some witch curses you so that you'll shrink whenever exposed to a certain magic rune and has now sold said runes to many familiar characters within the game. The good news is your local magic student Elly has a ritual that may cure you, but ya need to get some ingredients for the ritual to do so. The ingredients are Mucus from Gren, Frost Essence from Aiko, A Chi Orb from Shizu, A Lust Slate from Vivian, and finally Mysterious Tincture from Amber.

    But don't get your hopes up because once the ritual takes place turns out it don't work. Suddenly one of two members of the "Size-Coven" shows up and tells you the only way to cure it is to beat both members in a battle, so you trek through the caverns and find a small wooden room that serves as the Coven's Hideout. !Fair Warning!, These battles are incredibly frustrating. First up is Allynna and to save you the trouble of having to "Analyze" Her, here are her stats:

    Name: Allynna Species: Witch Level: 40 Arousal: 300/300 Spirit: 2/2

    Power: 35 Technique: 25 Intelligence: 50 Allure:40 Willpower: 35 Luck: 10

    Sensitive: None.

    Insensitive: Magic.

    Vulnerable to: None.

    Resists: Stun, Charm, Aphrodisiac, Restraints, Sleep, Trance, Paralysis.

    And the final boss of this mod is Diminuenda, and once again to save you the trouble of having to "Analyze" the bitch here are her stats:

    Name: Diminuenda Species: Witch Level: 50 Arousal: 350/350 Spirit: 3/3

    Power: 60 Technique: 50 Intelligence: 60 Allure: 50 Willpower: 50 Luck: 40

    Sensitive: None.

    Insensitive: Magic.

    Vulnerable to: None.

    Resists: Stun, Charm, Aphrodisiac, Restraints, Sleep, Trance, Paralysis.

    If you haven't guessed by now it's going to be a slog both times. As for my advice on how to beat them, Before the fights equip as many of the best affliction resistant runes and accessories. The moment the battel starts use as many buffs as you can, then keep spamming the "Push Away" option until you escape any stance that is imposed on you. This is necessary cuz as long as they have the "Miniaturized" stance or any other active, you won't be able to use 80% of your abilities or moves. And of the ones that you can use most are so ineffective they may as well be "Holy Headpat". Once you escape the stance and status effects, use the most powerful moves you can before they impose more on you. I personally have found that "Demon Layer" is particularly effective even though they aren't technically demons which is weird.

    However when you win, it's revealed that even after all that humiliation, all those fetch quests, and the tedious battles involved even they can't cure you. So instead they give you the ability to control your shrinking effects. There are other events in this mod, but they are unnecessary to complete the story. But regardless here they are:

    Elf: Pussy vore, small amount of feet and clothing entrapment in the loss scenes.

    Mika: Anal vore, fart content in the fight sequence. Tied to dildo and used to pleasure Mika's pussy as a loss scene.

    Feng: Footplay, sock entrapment, foot trampling, sweat.

    Nara: Breastplay, breast crush, thigh worship, pants entrapment.

    And that's about where the content for the mod ends.

    Version History[edit | edit source]

    • Initial Releases

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