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    Gorgon's Garden is a mod which adds a new event featuring a gorgon woman.

    Status Note[edit | edit source]

    The mod is complete and no further updates are planned.

    Content Overview[edit | edit source]

    • Adds a new event, "The Trail of Statues", to the Mountain. It features a new character, a gorgon named Euryale.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    After obtaining the Temple Checkpoint Gem, visit the Mountain and pick the "The Trail of Statues" event to meet Euryale.

    Version History[edit | edit source]

    • Compatibility patch with game version 25.2.
    • Adjusted Euryale's Y axis so the top of her head no longer goes offscreen.
    • Compatibility patch with game version 23.7.
    • Euryale now has art and relationship progress.
    • Added a new queening scene by Valentin Cognito.
    • Compatibility patch with game version 23.5b.
    • Fixed an oversight in the world map shortcut where it was visible before even doing the first Mountain run.
    • Fixed an oversight in Euryale's blowjob temptation.
    • Fixed spelling mistakes in one of Euryale's attacks.
    • Revamped Euryale's fight completely.
    • A shortcut leading directly to Euryale now exists in the world map.
    • Added option to visit Euryale's garden of statues.
    • Fixed Euryale's temptation check names lingering on the UI after the attacks were over.
    • Gaining access to Euryale's sex scenes now requires her to be defeated in combat at least once.
    • Euryale now has access to temptation attacks.
    • Euryale's stats have increased and her sensitivities were decreased.
    • The sensitivity increases inflicted on the player by losing to Euryale were reduced.
    • It is no longer possible to run away from combat with Euryale.
    • Fixed typo issues with Snakey Kissie Assault which caused incompatibility issues with other mods.
    • Small typo and combat fixes.
    • Added option to combat Euryale.
    • Adjustments have been made to various parts of Euryale's dialog.
    • Added option to reject her apology, which basically delays interaction until you finally forgive her.
    • First release.
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