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    Katzari the Cat is a mod that adds a new MG to the game.

    Status Note[edit | edit source]

    Katzari the Cat is currently in active development. The main feature of the mod will be you interacting with the Cat Girl Katzari.

    Content Overview[edit | edit source]

    • Adds 1 new MG. Character Art was done by Marchosias
    • Adds a new event in Mystic Forest and at the Inn.
    • Adds a new event in Forest Dungeon
    • Adds 1 new consumable item and 1 new key item to the game.
    • Interactions with Katzari at the Inn

    Compatibility[edit | edit source]

    This mod is compatible with MGD versions 24.1a and higher.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    After obtaining the Sigil of Allure. You can then proceed to Mystic Forest to meet Katzari.

    • First Meeting

    You will meet Katzari who is lost in the Forest. The choice you pick here will not matter. After a few exchanges she will leave and you can continue on your adventure.

    • Second Meeting

    When you meet Katzari for the second time. She will properly introduce herself and she shares her story. After the exchange you will be forced into combat with Katzari. After beating Katzari, you are presented with choices. If you pass the Stat Checks Katzari will run away from this encounter and you will be unable to see the defeat scene.

    • Third Meeting

    Katzari apologizes to you when you meet her again. You can then talk to Katzari in this meeting.

    • Obtaining the Neko Charm from Katzari

    During the third and future encounters with Katzari in the Mystic Forest. Mention to her that her clothes show too much skin, then ask more about her kind. She will then give you the Key Item Neko Charm. Obtaining the Neko Charm will unlock interactions with her at the Inn.

    • First Dream about Katzari

    To view the first dream about Katzari. You must have the Neko Charm Key Item to unlock interactions with her at the inn. Head to the Inn and pick the option to talk to Katzari. Ask about her Hair. After asking about her hair, select the option to finish talking to her and go to sleep. [This option is only available at night] On the next day, selecting the same option will then move you to see dream. After viewing the Dream, this will unlock two Dream H-Scenes which can be seen when sleeping. Also allows you to gain progress with Katzari when asking her how is she.

    • Dungeon Trouble Event

    To unlock this event. You need to obtain Labyrinth Checkpoint Gem and have viewed the first dream about Katzari at the Inn. Katzari and a slime girl have caused trouble inside Sofia's Dungeon. It's up to you to find out why and resolve the problem.

    • More Interactions at the Inn

    You can unlock more interactions with Katzari by asking how she is, patting her head, and stroking her cheek. Interactions will unlock in this order.
    1. Change Hair Color for me
    2. Pat her head
    3. Stroke her cheek
    4. Ask for Sex [Nighttime Only]
    [Some dialogue lines will change depending on Hair Color/State]

    • Next Step with Katzari

    To progress further in her story. You must have unlocked the Ask for Sex option at the Inn.
    Choose this option... You will be presented with two options. Take Her and Apologize.
    Continuing to have sex with her will lock you in Route B of her story and apologizing will lock you in Route A.

    • Next Step Route A

    Going into Route A. You cannot interact with Katzari for sometime at the Inn. The option to Interact with her will reappear after a few days. When you get to interact with Katzari again. You are presented with two options. Telling her that you love her or you are there for her. Telling her you love her may allow you to have sex with her when you ask for it. You will obtain the Elevated State Rune if she does not refuse you when asking for Sex. After selecting any of the two choices. It will unlock the interaction with Katzari where she will cook breakfast with you.

    • Breakfast with Katzari (Route A)

    Eat Breakfast with Katzari interaction will unlock after entering Route A of Katzari's story. Eating breakfast with her will grant you 1 of 5 random buffs which will last for an entire day.
    Buff 1 - Increases resistance to charm, restrain, sleep and stun by 25%
    Buff 2 - +30% Exp Gain
    Buff 3 - +30% Crit Chance and Crit Damage
    Buff 4 - +25% Eros Gain, Item Drop Rate, Treasure Find
    Buff 5 - Automitcally Struggle when interrupted with a restraining move, act immediately after breaking free from a restraining move.

    • Next Step Route B

    Going into Route B. Attempt to Interact with Katzari for 3 in-game days. You will obtain the key item Farewell Neko Charm and a letter stating why she is avoiding you.

    [Note: Route A and B are unfinished and may be updated in the future.]

    Progress Points from Choices[edit | edit source]

    • Inn Choices

    How are you?
    2 Points when she mentions the food at the Tavern
    1 Point when she says she didn't find anything interesting to note
    5 Points when she mentions Amber's Shop
    2 Points when she mentions the Church

    Your Hair Color Preference [One time only]
    I like blue - 2 Points
    I like dark grey - 4 Points
    I like both - 6 Points
    I like you - 10 Points

    Patting her head when in her:
    Human State: 5 Points (Additional 5 points when in 2nd Stage)
    Heightened State: -10 Points
    [Note1: With enough progress, she will not stop you from patting her head in her Heightened State]
    [Note2: She has different lines in Human and Heightened States]

    Stroking her cheek: 10 Points

    Version History[edit | edit source]

    • Added more interactions with Katzari at the inn
    • Added more Story and H-Scenes with Katzari at the inn
    • Added beginning of Route A and Route B of Katzari's story
    • Added new rune named Elevated State Rune

    [Obtainable by going through Katzari's Story and having viewed her H-Scene after entering Route A]

    • Added Farewell Neko Charm Key Item

    [Obtainable by going through Katzari's Story and entering Route B]

    • Added 5 Hidden Perks

    [Obtainable by eating breakfast with Katzari. Perks are removed by the next day]

    • Added Neko Charm option at the Inn

    [Used for resetting Katzari's Story for when you Enter Route B]


    • Added Dungeon Trouble Event to Forest Dungeon.

    [Requires Labyrinth Checkpoint Gem and viewing the first dream about Katzari]


    • Extended Events with Katzari at the Inn

    [1 Dream Story Scene and 2 Dream H-Scenes (Random)]
    [Dream Scenes accessible at night when talking to Katzari]


    • Changed the dialogues of Katzari
    • Cat from another world Event now requires you to have Sigil of Allure
    • Added an event with Katzari in the Inn

    [Requires the Key Item Neko Charm]
    [Not an H-Scene]

    • Added image of Katzari with different hair color
    • Nerfed Katzari's stun skill
    • Katzari's first combat encounter force defeat can be avoided

    [If avoided, the force defeat scene will be skipped and cannot be viewed afterwards]

    • Added new consumable item. Felis Potion

    [Obtainable when fighting Katzari again]

    • Added new Key item. Neko Charm

    [Obtainable when talking with Katzari in Mystic Forest]


    • Initial Release
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