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    Mao the Omnibus is a mod that adds a new encounter to the Forest Dungeon once you have the Sigil of Allure. There is no way this little devil can pack such a huge thing down there...! Peruse at your own peril!

    Status Note[edit | edit source]

    The mod is complete!

    Content Overview[edit | edit source]

    Adds a new encounter to the Forest Dungeon:

    Femdom, futanari, and (monstrously) large-endowments focused content.
    Talk with your dommy omnibus and learn more about her!
    Analyze your omnibus' body parts and see if you can't find something interesting!
    Several perks to gain by progressing the content and later on by beating the omnibus in fights.
    Many degenerate sex scenes, including kissing, cock-slapping and classic succubus drainage!

    Compatibility[edit | edit source]

    No known incompatibilities with other mods. If any are found, please report to the author on f95. Due to the modding-code change of version 25.6 of the main game the most recent version of this mod is not compatible with older versions of the main game.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    After you have the Sigil of Allure, return to the Forest Dungeon, choose 'omnibus encounter' from events, and there you have the introduction. From there you can choose to leave the poor omnibus behind (you monster), or you can progress the content by winning a fight (if you are strong enough), merely talking her up, or submitting to the cock. To get even more sex scenes later you will at some point have to tempt the omnibus, which will require learning more about her by inspecting her appearance. Beware of huge amounts of white liquids! For further content, you can eventually talk about the omnibus' curse and tell her how you feel about her. Tip! Telling her that she's not that great, winning the fight against her, and returning to her encounter again will unlock some punishment/reconciliation scenes, including footjobs.

    Once you have progressed the 'omnibus encounter' to the point that you can talk about 'Shortcut' you can unlock 'Visit Mao' in the Forest Dungeon menu. From there you can progress the 'Visiting Mao' event, which allows you to romance her more, get more challenging fights, and unlock more sex scenes.

    Version History[edit | edit source]

    Compatibility update
    • 2023-10-12

    - Mod adjusted to be compatible with version 25.6 (and newer versions) of the main game. This means the mod is not compatible with older versions of the main game.

    • 2023-05-25

    - Two new loss scenes, kissing loss and face-sitting loss. - Finished some sleep/cuddle and sleep-sex scenes. - A new 'full-nelson' sex scene. - Miscellaneous edits, tweaks and polishing to previous content.

    • 2023-03-18

    - The 'Visiting Mao' event can now be considered complete. Just a tiny bit of polishing left. - Finished several talk scenes - Several new sex scenes, including cock worshipping, tail stuff, and more! Try talking with the omnibus and find out. - Worship Mao too much and you might get a new perk...or get sent back to church. - Miscellaneous tweaks and bug fixes to previous content.

    • 2023-01-03

    - The 'Visiting Mao' event is now mostly complete, with some polishing to be done and some more content to be added to it. - Buncha new fight scenes with Mao in the 'Visiting Mao' event. The most difficult fight scene is intended to be very challenging unless you are at a high level. - If you win fights you can choose among (new) perks that may or may not have drawbacks, (old) items or eros, like if you beat Sofia. - Some new sex scenes, with more to come (a few of the ones added will be changed for the next release). - You can now progress the romance with Mao more! - Miscellaneous tweaks to previous content.

    • 2022-11-04

    - Added buncha foot stuff. Most of it is locked behind having progressed the relationship with Mao until you get the option to tell her how you feel about her (must first ask about her curse and choose 'cock curse'), and then choosing 'She's not that great,' which will lead to a combat scene that you have to win (if you lose Mao will be satisfied and there won't be punishment). Then the next time you return to her there will be punishment time, with feet of course, unless you successfully navigate around that with some dating sim skills or whatever. - Also worked on the 'Visiting Mao' event but it's not going to be ready for a while.

    • 2022-09-25

    - The omnibus encounter in the Forest Dungeon is more or less complete. There's some more polishing to be done for that encounter and for the combat encounter, but most of the content is now there. There's a bunch of new sex scenes! Find them by progressing the relationship with Mao.

    • Hint: you may need to inspect her appearance a bit after you've gotten past the very first time meeting her, and then tempt her in order to unlock more scenes (this would be the second time you have to return to the forest dungeon to meet her, given that you didn't fight her and immediately lose or something).
    • First release 2022-08-25:
    - Omnibus encounter in Forest Dungeon, introduction to Mao, basic combat and some sex scenes as well as talk menu and the like.
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