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    Part of the Mari The Butterfly mod.

    Mari is an insect hybrid who serves as the main character of the Mari The Butterfly mod. She's the sole gardener of the Flowery Clearing in which she resides, cultivating flowers for nourishment away from the Alraune. Being a butterfly girl, she's inherited the trait of being able to taste with her feet.

    In-Game Description:[edit | edit source]

    "A small woman with waist-length purple hair tied as twintails using blue flowers underneath a large bonnet, shadowing a petite face. Her deep blue eyes and leotard dress match the color of the large blue wings with black edges behind her. Her B cup breasts form slight hills underneath her small blue mantle. She wears black gloves ending in blue frills along the way, along with black stirrup stockings that expose her fair skin behind her knees and at her feet. The ends of her hands and feet are accentuated by her blue-painted nails."

    Perks[edit | edit source]

    Loss Scenes[edit | edit source]

    Mari has 5 loss scenes:

    • Butterfly Trap: Lose without a stance or while in Sex/Anal stance. Mari lazily finishes off the player by trapping their cock inside her stirrup stocking strap. Increases Foot Fetish by 5 and Leg Fetish by 5.
    • Butterfly Pollination: Lose while in Behind Footjob stance. Mari teases the player's ears and nipples from behind as she edges the player, finishing them off with her feet, making him spray semen onto the flower field. Increases Foot Fetish by 10 and Seduction Sensitivity by 2.
    • Butterfly Squeeze: Lose while in Kneejob stance. Mari finishes off the player with her kneepit, kissing him as she milks him with her leg. Increases Leg Fetish by 8 and Kissing Fetish by 5.
    • Butterfly Landing: Lose while in Footjob stance. Mari playfully steps on the player's face and cock, shifting her weight as she finishes him off. Increases Foot Fetish by 10.
    • Butterfly Mating: Lose while in Feet Pussy stance. Mari romantically seduces the player into finishing himself off against her makeshift feet pussy, interlocking hands as they both cum. Increases Foot Fetish by 10.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    Mari has a fair amount of content hidden via what seem like mundane interactions:

    Foot Massage: Ask her about her legs and choose to wrestle with her. The player will be faced with the temptation to touch her legs, resulting in a temptation check and ensuing lewd scene.

    Rejuvenation Tulips and Jam: In order to access this scene, the player must have either Play Wrestled with her or defeated her in a spar at least once, revealing the existence of Rejuvenation Tulips. Players will then have the option to put it in his inventory, giving access to a consumable item that restores 1 Spirit!

    Tulip Prank: If the player has access to Rejuvenation Tulips, asking Mari for one has a 2/5th chance of her giving him a charm tulip instead, which she will either use on the player if he accepts, or momentarily tease him if he refuses.

    Last Waltz: Should the player try to defeat Mari in combat a second time, Mari will massively buff herself with the 'Last Waltz' Perk, increasing her damage by a whopping 1500% and her damage reduction by 65%, along with erasing all debuffs and stances she had before activation.

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