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    Mika Sits[edit | edit source]

    This mod adds extensive content to Mika's combat encounter involving the Face Sit stance. Mika has many new moves and combat events, which link into her vanilla content such as her ass worship combat scene and loss scene.

    Includes a player skill, "Bury Face" to initiate the Face Sit stance as a bottom against anyone. Integrates well with existing scenes and with the Sitting mod - Please see the Content Overview section for a detailed list of what is included.

    Content Overview[edit | edit source]

    Mika gains new skills, with descriptions, dialogue, orgasm descriptions, visual effects, combat events, and menus, including Plop Down, Air Deprivation, Bouncy Buttcrush, Enveloping Purr, Tempting Grind, and Smothering Pin. Mika's Seductive Sway has also been extended with a facesitting option. All of these either start or are used in the Face Sit stance.

    Mika also gains reactions to moves like Pussy Worship or Ass Worship (from the Sitting mod), the latter including a menu linking to her vanilla ass worship scene.

    The Face Sit stance can be initiated either by Mika using Plop Down from a neutral stance, by the player selecting the new option in the menu from Mika's Seductive Sway (doing this also grants the player the Bury Face skill), or by the player using Bury Face.

    Bury Face reactions are also included for every enemy in the base game that has a Face Sit stance. Reactions are also included for enemies that gain the Face Sit stance through the Sitting mod. An exhaustive list is Mizuko, Tengu, Harpy, Harpy Tengu, Perpetua, Perpetua Lvl 5, Alarune, Kunoichi Trainee, Blue Slime, Bubble Slime, Imp, Ghost, Matango, and Minotaur.

    Finally, Ushris, who does not use the Face Sit stance but does have a facesitting scene, will comment, paralyze the player, and start the scene if the player uses Bury Face on her.

    Compatibility[edit | edit source]

    No known incompatibilities with other mods. The Bury Face skill is learned through combat with Mika instead of through the skill stores to preserve compatibility with mods that modify skill stores. Although, I've found that a lot of errors happen when the facesitting stance and worship stance are activated. A lot of the dialogue shows up as an error for some reason, it seems to just show up with the mod by itself.

    Version History[edit | edit source]

    Beta 1

    • Initial limited release to selected beta testers

    Beta 2

    • Added periods at the end of text lines that were missing them.
    • Added comments and flavor text for trying to struggle out of the face sit stance.
    • Fixed ass CG being reset to Mika's normal art when she orgasms. Now the ass CG stays, and also quakes the screen.
    • Fixed a random glitch where the wrong scenes would play. This was driving me nuts.
    • Decreased the arousal damage Mika's Air Deprivation does.
    • Changed some moves to separate Mika's speech and the move outcome text into separate text boxes, to match the game's conventions.

    Beta 3

    • Fixed CG integration with the vanilla ass worship scene. Transitions in that scene are now working.
    • Fixed CG not applying for Plop Down and Bury Face when the move's target is near orgasm.
    • Improved visual effects for Air Deprivation and Bouncy Buttcrush.
    • Fixed some spoken text lines being "'double quoted'".
    • Added some additional move comments/descriptions.

    Beta 4

    • Added a menu description for Bury Face and changed its arousal stat from Core to Allure.
    • Added Bury Face reactions for Mizuko, Tengu, Harpy, and Harpy Tengu
    • Add reactions for Mika getting hit with Pussy Worship
    • The existing ass worship scene will now have its text properly reflect whether you started from the Face Sit stance.
    • Mika will now respond to the "Ass Worship" move from the Sitting mod with the menu from Tempting Grind to offer to start the ass worship scene

    1.0 Release

    • Losing or surrendering in the face sit stance now triggers the (vanilla) facesitting loss scene
    • Added Bury Face reactions for Perpetua, Perpetua Lvl 5, Alarune, Kunoichi Trainee, Blue Slime, Bubble Slime, Imp, Ghost, Matango, and Minotaur
    • Added descriptions when the player orgasms against Mika's attacks: Plop Down, Bouncy Buttcrush, Air Deprivation, and Enveloping Purr. Other moves are considered status moves and don't directly cause player orgasms.
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