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    The Moaning Forest is a mod that adds an encounter with a wholesome Dark Elf via a Mystic Forest quest, unlocking further events as you progress with her, plenty of spoiling/treating to be had. Art by author.

    Character profile and information here: Arnea

    Status Note[edit | edit source]

    The author is currently active and intends to make future updates.

    If you have any issues you can easily find me in the MGD Discord. I regularly check the modding channels so I'll notice any issues, just mention the Mod name so I can easily identify it. Thanks in advance.

    Content Overview[edit | edit source]

    • A quest with an encounter against a Dark Elf. To start the quest, enter the Inn after beating the forest dungeon.
    • Main features:
      • Spend time with her to build up your affection. Such as going for walks, giving her massages, touching her ears and more.
      • Higher affection leads to more options becoming available.
      • Take her on dates to a few locations. As well as invite her on a night date when you are closer.
      • A few new perks such as small stat boosts for eating her food, and a few more for cuddling with her or engaging in intimate scenes.
      • Entering a relationship with her allows you to sleep over. Giving you the option to either cuddle with her or engage in other activities.
      • Being in a relationship unlocks the intimacy tab, allowing you to perform a wide variety of actions on her.
      • Dialogue changes based on if you are friends or in a relationship.
      • Help out and grow crops in her garden to either sell or use in her advanced cooking menu. Currently has 7 crops to choose from.
      • Choose her sleep over outfit, currently has 2 stockings variations and 2 nightdress variations. Can also select her nude variant as well, all dialogue is swapped so it does not mention her nightdress.
      • The ability to engage in a role-play fight with her at night, has multiple difficulties, loss and victory scenes and many moves can be unlocked for her to use in the fight. There is no penalty for loosing, and you do not get sent to the church so no worries there. Just have fun with her.
      • Intimate scenes have different request-able outcomes based on past actions you have taken with her.
      • Touch ears, stroke ears, nibble ears.
    • Future plans:
      • More cooking recipes which give a few more varied perks.
      • More art, both background art and chibi art for the cut in scenes.
      • Finishing off the other 3 date locations.
      • Finishing of some repeatable night scenes.
      • A repeatable event for the town date.

    Version History[edit | edit source]


    - Updated the Json files to work with the current game version.

    - Fixed 1 minor bug that let her enter sex stance if you let her cuddle you on combat start, even if you have not had sex with her at least once outside the combat event. Now you get the thighjob + cuddle scene instead. If you have had sex outside of the combat event and you begin combat in cuddle stance, then you either get the sex + cuddle scene or the Thighjob + cuddle scene


    Fixed 5 Json files so it should be working with the new update. Also changed a progress requirement for the RolePlay fight stuff from "1" to "2". This is to fix a potential scene jump error if you get a non stance loss to her and ask her to keep going. As if you have only received a buttjob from her at night, there is no buttjob scene to jump to, hence the error. Setting it "2" prevents this, as every other option has a scene to jump to. Took me a good bit to find it, as it not a typo or anything.


    Minor scene fix that I never spotted until now. After seeing each of her Chat, Forage, Clean, Walk and Help in the garden scenes at least once, it will now take you to the correct random scene selection. Before they all took you to the Cleaning random scene selection and I forgot to change the scene name after copying and pasting the layout. :BlueSlimeShy: Other bits I fixed but did not mention because I am a slime: - Fixed her Heavenly softness skill so that it now actually starts the Titfuck stance. Left the field blank before because I must have forgot to fill it in. - Also made it so going on dates and sleeping over gives a decent amount of affection points. Before they did not give any.


    Mini patch with a few new QoL bits.

    • Fixed her nightdress not covering her breasts when using teleport or distract to escape her titfuck stance.
    • Fixed the error when you use Holy headpat on her.
    • Fixed her face sit loss scene that leads into the blowjob scene, now it correctly plays the face sit loss scene.
    • Added in a request move that allows you to ask her to put you in specific stances, useful if you want to get certain loss scenes that require you to be in a certain stance. Cannot ask to be put in Making Out, sex or anal stance since you can put her in those very easily.
    • Added in the option to have her quickly equip the last nighttime outfit she wore, this will save you some time should you want to quickly get to her night scenes.
    • QoL suggestion by timeracers, added in a feature for her spend time options that makes it so you see each variation at least once before it starts randomizing them.
    • Typo fixes.

    Update time, maybe one of the last ones. The main thing this patch is her role-play fight choice. Functions like a normal BF but you don't get sent to the church on loss. Main features include:

    • Added in one new expression, her dazed face.
    • Added in a customization charm and scene, has 3 variants to choose from. Each one gives a unique item and they can be freely swapped at any time by talking to her when staying over in the morning.
    • New cuddle fetish added.
    • New role-play battle, has 4 levels requiring you to beat each previous level to advance to the next difficulty. The last 2 levels require the Sigil of will-power to unlock, however, I did add an override option that bypasses this in the night time menu.
    • There are many loss and victory scenes based on what stance you lost in.
    • Each night time activity you do with her gives her new moves in the fight.
    • Not cuddling with her for a certain amount of time will result in her forcing you into a cuddle, in which she will shower you in love and affection.
    • Multiple ways for her to transition between stances, as well as added in new skills that allow her to put you in multiple stance variations.
    • The outfit she wears going into the fight will have different parts moved based on the current stance.
    • A whole wide range of combat events to see, the higher your fetish levels, the harder it will be to escape and struggle.

    Hopefully it is a fun fight, was tough on my character, but then I usually only stick to 3 - 4 spirit. So if you have an easy time with a min maxed lv 100 + character I think the answer is simple.

    I have tested everything the best I can so there should not be any major bugs, but given the size of the events there may be some small things I missed. If so I'm sorry.


    Time again for an update. Update includes but not limited to:

    • Added in the alt relationship dialogue for the planting crops, forgot to do this before since I'm a slime.
    • Added in two new crops that can be grown. Glazed onions and Hearty tomatoes.
    • Added in a perk that gives a temp boost to exp and eros after cuddling with her at night.
    • Added in her night date event which has a lot of dialogue and choice to pick from. Choosing some options may lead to some new dialogue if you stay the night once the date ends. Requires you to have has sex with her at least once then chosen the option asking if she is more comfortable in the area.
    • Added her repeatable anal and hand job scene.
    • Added in a lotion hand job scene, has a 50/50 chance of happening when asking for a hand job. Can be opted out of, to which you get the normal hand job scene instead. If you have had sex with you can ask to release it in her pussy during the last lotion hand job stage.
    • Added in a morning blow job scene, which gives a new temp perk for the day.
    • Added in a new bonding event, "Go foraging", has 4 variations and offers some affection points just like the other bonding events do.
    • Added in her town event, got a bunch of scenes to see with the town's people. Can also invite her to spend the night in your room which gives an intimate scene.
    • Added some extra bits to the relationship option that gives you more hints on what to do next, should you get stuck.

    Update time, not a huge update like last time but got a bunch of new dialogue, scenes and quality of like stuff, see below;

    • Added in a Mod reset option which is available at the church. Selecting it resets all progress in the mod and puts you back to the first visit. So you do not need to redo the starting quest.
    • Added in the option to choose her naked option to sleep and cuddle with now, also made changes to a bunch of scenes so if you select her nude option the scenes do not reference her nightdress.
    • New intimate scenes which include;

    A facesitting scene that leads to 69. An anal scene which is available after having sex with her at least once. A bunch of intimate scenes during her cuddle scenes requires you to have sex and request a hand job at least once before they trigger. These scenes range from her cuddling you from behind and engaging in tip play, ball play and prostate play. The prostate play can be opted out of if you are not into it. To finger her and playing with her breasts or ears, and finally to her giving you a cuddle thigh job that can lead into sex. All of these options are repeatable and can be chosen as many times as you want.

    • Bunch of new dialogue that goes into details about her race and neighbours, these options change as you progress your relationship with her.
    • Added in a few progress trackers so you can see how close you are to furthering your relationship.
    • You can no longer visit her at night like a crazy stalker. Trying to do so sends you back to town.
    • Once nighttime hits you are forced into a scene that either asks you to leave or lets you ask to stay the night. So you can't stay at her house or day and night (She needs to sleep too).
    • If you visit during the Morning, she will be in the garden and will greet you outside now.
    • Added in some new layers and expressions.

    New features (Where do I even begin...)

    • Updated Arnea's night art, she now has two new poses, 2 sets of stockings and 2 nightdress varients.
    • Added in her normal and advanced cooking menu options.
    • Added in her gardening events so you can now plant and grow crops, you can either sell them for money or use in her advanced cooking menu.
    • Added in a bunch of new scenes such as.
       * A foot job scene.
       * A lap rest scene.
       * A blowjob scene.
       * A handjob scene.
       * A nipple lick/play scene.
       * Her first and repeat sex scene.
       * Alternate finishers to the above scenes if you have done certain intimate actions with her at least once.
    • A new event that plays if you choose to stay the morning, this event has a bunch of options to choose from, you can even lend her your shirt to which she will wear.
    • A new event that has a chance of triggering on a return visit after you have stayed over at least once. This is her sick event in which you can stay over and spoil/treat her back to health.
    • Bunch of new dialogue added that changes based on if you are in a relationship or not.
    • Added in the first sleepover cuddle event.
    • Repeat sleepovers unlocks the menu on deciding how to spend the night with her. Such as cuddling, foreplay options (only 1 available at the minute) and sex options (Not yet implemented).
    • Choosing to cuddle will result in 1 of 3 cuddle scenes being chosen at random. May add more or add more details to the current ones as they are a little short.
    • The current request able scene is a butt job, has one scene the first time you choose it, and a slightly different intro scene if you request it again.
    • The choice to stay and have breakfast after sleeping over. (Only 1 breakfast scene currently).
    • Added a few more kissing options in the intimacy menu.
    • 2 more chat dialogues. One being the ability to play with her ears, which not only gives you affection points, but unlocks the ability to play with her ears in the intimacy menu. The other being the option to talk about her tattoos, requires you to sleepover once to choose this option.
    • Made the background art for the forest picnic date area.
    • Fixed some grammar errors in the intro quest. (Thanks to Byte for pointing them out).
    • Broken scene hotfix.
    • Initial release
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