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    The Plappening is a vanilla scene expansion.

    Content Overview[edit | edit source]

    • Currently adds 18 scenes to various monsters and NPCs throughout the game.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    0.1 Scenes[edit | edit source]

    • Elf Net Bullying: Accessed through the 'Elven Ambush' event in the Mystic Forest. Available by taking the Intelligence option upon spotting their trap. Contains bullying and mild humiliation.
    • Imp Correction: Accessed through the imp's post-victory menu.
    • Shizu's Warning Shot: Accessible after fucking Shizu in the 'Kunoichi Hallway Dojo' scene, in the same menu where you can choose to show mercy or fuck her ass.
    • Venefica's Taming: Accessible after working an extended shift for Venefica and edging. Contains a dialogue reference to non-con. (CUT AS OF VERSION 1.1)
    • Tabitha's Hypno Breeding: Accessed through Tabitha's hypnosis menu. Requires all previous hypnotism scenes, and to have fucked her silly after she tripped.

    1.0 Scenes[edit | edit source]

    • Ancilla Victory Scene
      • Sex
    • Blue Slime Victory Scene
      • Sex
    • Camilla Victory Scene
      • Sex
    • Elf Victory Scenes
      • Blowjob
      • Sex
    • Vili Sex Menu (accessible by beating the Trial of Titties, "What about victory sex?!" dialogue option)
      • Blowjob
      • Sex

    1.1 Scenes[edit | edit source]

    • Himika Victory Scenes (no stance requirements)
      • Titfuck (two finishing options)
      • Oni-style Lovemaking
    • Matango Victory Scene
      • Sex
    • Minotaur Victory Scene
      • Sex
    • Mizuko Victory Scene (no stance requirement)
      • Pronebone Plapping
    • Salaris Victory Scene
      • Sex

    1.2 Scenes[edit | edit source]

    • Mimic Victory Scene (no stance requirement)
    • Toxic Matango Victory Scene (no stance requirements)
      • Blowjob
      • Sex
    • Shizu Dream Domination
      • Initated from 'Sleep...' choice in the 'Ninja Rest Ambush' event.
    • Venefica Oral Relief
      • Requires one of the 'blue balls' status effects, automatically fires when working an extended shift.

    Version History[edit | edit source]

    • Four new scenes.
    • Custom SFX for many scenes.
    • Five new scenes.
    • 'Venefica's Taming' scene removed - I was unhappy with it. Replacement TBD.
    • Proper release, now that the mod will continue. Six new scenes and some minor polish.
    • Initial release to gauge interest.
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