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    The Mountain is the third level of Monster Girl Dreams. It is a large mountain inhabited by physically adept monster girls who guard the way to the Will-Power Temple.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    Entrance[edit | edit source]

    The player is instructed to climb the Mountain once they obtain the Sigil of Allure from the Forest Dungeon. While there is a lift that can easily take them to the top, it ends up destroyed when the Black Knight ambushes the player (and Perpetua is there too). You are then forced to make your way up on foot.

    Encounter: Minotaur[edit | edit source]

    The first enemy in your path will be a Minotaur. These monster girls are physically powerful, but have vulnerable breasts. Defeat her and you can continue.

    Event: Spider's Lair[edit | edit source]

    You will have the option to either explore a cave or spend Energy to take a shortcut. Choosing the former will lead to a meeting with Camilla the Arachne. Should you struggle on her web, a fight will ensue.

    Event: Mimic[edit | edit source]

    You will find some treasure, but be advised: it is a Mimic in disguise.

    Rest Point[edit | edit source]

    You will find a rest point to recover from any Arousal, Energy or Spirit spent so far.

    Event: Fizzy Spring[edit | edit source]

    While proceeding, you will come across a spring filled with green liquid. It is inhabited by a Bubble Slime, who will attempt to ambush you if you try and just pass through. Depending of your choices, you can either move on peacefully, fight her or indulge in her advances, where she will drain most of your Spirit.

    Event: Ninja Rest Ambush[edit | edit source]

    You will find another rest point ahead. This one, however, is actually an ambush; rest and you will be attacked by a Kunoichi Demon while you sleep. Choosing to continue onward will lead her to attack you head-on, so be prepared for a fight.

    Encounter: Harpies[edit | edit source]

    You will encounter a pair of Harpies. The fact they are fighting in numbers may prove a bigger challenge.

    Event: Sleeping Manticore[edit | edit source]

    You will come across a Manticore, sleeping in a rock. Unless you want to be a slave to her tail pussy, you are advised to avoid her for the time being, but nothing stops you from waking her up...

    Rest Point[edit | edit source]

    You will find another rest point to recover from any Arousal, Energy or Spirit spent so far. This one is not another Kunoichi ambush, so you can rest safely.

    Boss: Nara[edit | edit source]

    Finally, you will arrive to the mountain top, where a fellow adventurer named Nara has been waiting for you; she was hired by Vivian to stop your progress! She specializes in Charming you with her sensual dance moves as well as buffing herself. Defeat her and you will unlock your next destination: the Will-Power Temple.

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