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    The Mystic Forest is the first location in Monster Girl Dreams. It is a serene forest of magic, home of the fae and other monsters. As the first level, it is inhabited by low-level monster girls which serve as the tutorial to the game's battle system.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    Entrance[edit | edit source]

    Before you truly begin your adventure, Elena will power walk out of town to tell you some things she forgot to inform you of, ranging from the Grimoire, time mechanics, and an automatically assigned quest for you to take. This quest covers dealing with a red slime who has been vandalizing the town walls. She concludes with wishing you good luck on your adventure, letting you start your first encounter.

    Your First Time[edit | edit source]

    You will face a mix of encounters and events, all meant to be easy enough for you to pass without much difficulty. You will not miss any non-repeatable content rushing in without reading this walkthrough, beyond some multi-choice fluff dialogue with the end boss encounter, which ultimately won't have any influence on how the fight goes down. While not recommended, if you really wish to experience all possible dialogue choices, you can use the "q-save" and "q-load" function along the top of your screen to explore all possible scenarios with a character quickly.

    If you lose at any point, you will be sent to the Church, in which Lillian will welcome you back with a refreshing splash.

    ... Of water, of course.

    Do visit the Statue of Venereae to undo any potential temporary Sensitivity or Fetish you gained from your loss, at a monetary price.

    You will then be free to return, starting from the beginning of this adventure. Be sure to grab Analyze from Elly if you're struggling locating an enemy's weakness.

    Encounter: Elf[edit | edit source]

    Your first enemy will be a single Elf. For future reference, it is possible to encounter more than one elf when adventuring the forest from your Grimoire. You will be given a Rest Point thereafter.

    Singing[edit | edit source]

    You will hear singing in the distance. This is an event called the Hidden Glade, which requires 30 Luck. So rest assured, unless you cheated, you will not be able to meet the requirements for this event, resulting in you moving onto your next encounter.

    Encounter: Alraune[edit | edit source]

    The well-endowed Alraune is your second opponent. For future reference, you will always fight one Alraune and two breasts at a time. You will encounter Uncommon Treasure thereafter, and then another rest point.

    Your First Trap. No, Not That Kind.[edit | edit source]

    What should be your first event will be a Lust Rune. This gives you three choices.

    • Try to dodge will make you roll a 10 Technique stat check.
    • Try to use your magical powers to destroy the rune will make you roll a 10 Willpower stat check. If you win, you will get 15 eros.
    • See what happens will expose you to the full blunt effect of the rune. As long as you didn't run out of Spirit, you should have the option to move on.

    Encounter: Blue Slime[edit | edit source]

    What perhaps might be your toughest opponent yet is the Blue Slime. For future reference, you will always fight one Slime at a time. You will be given a rest point before encountering the boss.

    Boss: Stop The Vandal[edit | edit source]

    You will now face your first boss monster, Perpetua. She is essentially a variant of the Blue Slime with very equivalent stats, except her Sensitivities are slightly different. Notably, while the former are virtually immune to Pain skills, Perpetua possesses a very large weakness to them. Use whatever means you used to defeat the Blue Slime and it should lead to an easy victory. But get used to Perpetua, for she is your rival now!

    Returning to Town[edit | edit source]

    After having defeated Perpetua, you will return to Town, receiving 1000 eros from Elena for completing the quest. She'll give you a note, fully unlocking the Mystic Forest in your grimoire. You will now also be free to continue to the Forest Dungeon, though it is advised to do a run through the Mystic Forest again to both get familiar with the Grimoire, and gain some levels for the dungeon.

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