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    Quests are objectives which are fulfilled by reaching the end of a location, usually offering a reward for their completion. Below is a list of all quests in the game by location.

    Mystic Forest[edit | edit source]

    Stop the Vandal[edit | edit source]

    Someone has been vandalizing the walls with red slime, scrawling degrading statements like 'Humans suck!' as well as general threats to the town as a whole. The cleaning costs and paperwork involved have been astronomical. Please find the source of the this and stop it before I have an aneurysm. Payment is 1000 eros. -Elena

    This is the first quest in the game, given to you automatically. Clear your first run through the Mystic Forest and defeat Perpetua.

    Nectar Delivery[edit | edit source]

    I need a brave hero to go pick up my nectar shipment in the forest. Really easy job! Great for new adventurers! Repeatable! 500 Eros upon completion. - Vivian

    Pick up a shipment of Alraune nectar from Nicci. She will offer you a nectar bath, though you can fight her for the shipment; both options have the same result and the quest cannot be failed, as she will give it to you even if you lose to her.

    • Awards: 500 Eros

    Urgent 'Mushroom' Investigation[edit | edit source]

    I've heard news of a rare and specific kind of 'mushroom' growing in the forest right now, and desperately need an assistant to help me collect them for analysis.

    Meet me at the disclosed private and secluded location marked in your grimoire upon accepting this quest.

    This is in no way a cover up for something else.

    - Elly

    Meet Elly at the end of the Mystic Forest. You can then agree or not to investigate her real target: Venefica. Available after the player has first talked to Elena about "So what are eros anyways?" and "Do you teach any normal combat skills?", and then thereafter exhausted Elly's dialogue options, and cleared the Forest Dungeon.

    • Awards: 1000 Eros, access to Venefica

    Forest Dungeon[edit | edit source]

    Vili the Titillating Terror[edit | edit source]

    Do you dare challenge the lair of the all powerful seductress Vili! The most powerful Arch-Imp in all of Lucidia, her tits so powerful that men can cream themselves by just looking at them! Then you are a foolish fool who will be senselessly milked dry!♥ - Vili-♪♥"

    Allows you to have a rematch with Vili after clearing Vili's Trial of Titties.

    • Awards: None

    Mountain[edit | edit source]

    Deliver Food to Campers[edit | edit source]

    Some poor souls camping on the mountain have run out of food! Could you be a dear and deliver a shipment to them for me? It should be a cakewalk for a strong adventurer like you! 1000 Eros upon completion. - Vivian ♥

    Get to the end of the Mountain and meet Catherine, Heather and Jennifer. During your stay there, attempt to have sex with Catherine.

    Visit the Campers[edit | edit source]

    While there's no quest for it anymore, you could still go visit the three succubi camping on the mountain, you're sure at least one of them would be grateful if you offered to feed them...

    Allows you to revisit the Succubus trio after attempting to have sex with Catherine. Available after earning the Apology Note.

    • Awards: None

    Trade Caravans Attacked![edit | edit source]

    An unknown monster has been attacking our trade caravans as they travel through the mountain, and while we have pinpointed its location, it has yet to be stopped. 1000 eros reward. -Elena

    Warning! Previous adventurers sent out to stop the monster have returned with what they report as 'thoroughly attacked rear entrances' and refuse to go into further detail about what kind of monster it even is, so caution is advised!

    A small, messily written note is pinned to the bottom of the quest sheet that reads 'Reward increased to 2500 eros for anyone who can permanently stop the attacks. -Elena

    Get to the end of the Mountain and confront Jora. While you can fight her, she will continue her attacks until you attempt to convince her to stop.

    • Awards: None

    Trade Caravans Harassed[edit | edit source]

    A wurm has been bothering our trade caravans as they travel through the mountains, asking you to come and visit her. While this is definitely a step in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it if she left them alone and stopped terrifying them altogether. The reward is still 2500 eros. - Elena

    Jora has taken a liking for you and now is harassing the caravans to get your attention. Spend time with her until you build up enough relationship progress with the wurm to earn Jora's Letter.

    Visit Jora[edit | edit source]

    Visit Jora's cave near the base of the mountain. She's sure to appreciate your company.

    Allows you to revisit the now-pacified Jora. Available after earning Jora's Gift.

    • Awards: None

    Will-Power Temple[edit | edit source]

    The Oni Twins of Terror[edit | edit source]

    The terrifying oni sisters, combined we are one of the Demon Queen's Commanders, and we wait for you at the end of this exploration, think you can handle us after a gauntlet?! - Himika
    There's no reward aside from whatever we 'drop', but we will let you fuck us both for fun if you win, though the gauntlet isn't needed for that really. - Mizuko

    Allows you to have a rematch with Mizuko and Himika after clearing the Will-Power Temple.

    • Awards: None

    Caverns[edit | edit source]

    Voracious Huntress[edit | edit source]

    Amy lurks in the darkest depths of the caverns near the entrance to the labyrinth...

    Allows you to have a rematch with Amy after clearing the Caverns.

    • Awards: None
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