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    Rosaura is an Alraune who resides in Venefica's garden, encountered during a three-day shift while working for the latter. The player must defeat her in order to obtain Venefica's Bedroom Key.

    In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

    "In the center of a large and beautiful red rose, a young woman with seductive tanned skin, amber colored eyes, and scarlet hair resides. Thorned vines and leaves are sensually woven over her large chest and the rest of her body, but they hardly hide anything and accent her sexual form."

    Combat[edit | edit source]

    Perks[edit | edit source]

    Attacks[edit | edit source]

    • Grind
    • Loving Rose
    • Nectar Laden Vacuum Blowjob
    • Nectar Soaking Deepthroat
    • Rosaura's Invitation
    • Rosaura's Oral Invitation
    • Rosaura's Titillating Temptation
    • Rose Pheromone
    • Swaying Rose
    • Tempting Rose
    • Tighten
    • Titillating Rose

    Strategy[edit | edit source]

    Rosaura is significantly stronger than a generic Alraune, despite her resemblance to one. She makes use of Oral skills in order to tempt the player, which should be avoided. Like a common Alraune, she is heavily resistance to Sex, Anal and Pain skills, while also being immune to Aphrodisiacs and Sleep. However, she shares their weakness to Magic, while also possessing a weakness to Mouth attacks, making her vulnerable to being put in Make Out stance.

    Scenes[edit | edit source]

    Loss[edit | edit source]

    Rosaura repeatedly edges the player while performing paizuri, increasing sex sensitivity by 20, breast fetish by 10, and oral fetish by 15.

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • Rosaura's art was provided by kalayara as a recolor of the base Alraune. It features some other minor tweaks on top of the color change, such as shorter hair and different expressions.
    • After encountering her normally, she is available in Labyrinth Exploration. Much like during the original situation, the player is prevented from climaxing normally.
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