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    Stella is a Mimic living inside of a bag who can appear in every level once the player has reached the Forest Dungeon. She is a temptress who eagerly encourages you to let her have her way with you, making use of her oral skills and aphrodisiac-ladden lipstick to do so.

    In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

    "Bag mimic card so she doesnt get the wrong dang name.- Wait, she has art now. uh... you have the art on, right?"

    Events[edit | edit source]

    Bag Mimic[edit | edit source]

    Stella is first encountered during the player's first visit to the Forest Dungeon. Once that level is cleared, a "Bag Mimic" event will become available in every subsequent level, as well as the Mystic Forest. Stella can easily be told apart from common loot due to her bag's unique, purple design. Once the player stumbles into it, she will offer them a blowjob, leading to a Temptation check. Refusing will lead her to offer a kiss instead; either option leads to the player being drained dry and sent back to Town as if they had been defeated.

    Encountering her afterwards leads her to remember you and grants you the option to ask her to "keep" her for yourself. Doing so (at a cost of 5000 eros or sufficient Spirt) grants you Stella's Bag and opens up interactions in your room. Note that this does not stop her from being a selectable event in the game's levels.

    Using Stella in your room opens up extra scenes: beyond putting your dick in the bag or kissing, you can ask her to service you, to charm you or for a quickie. Once you have entertained her enough, she will become willing to speak to you, allowing you to question her about her nature and her lipstick.

    As she herself warns multiple times, indulging in her services causes the player to become increasingly addicted to it. Having her service you enough times grants the "Stella's Lipstruck Toy" perk, which can be worsened into the "Stella's Lipstick Slave" perk with even more uses. Should it reach that point, the player can ask her to remove it, at the cost of 10,000 eros. The player will additionally receive the "Ultra-Panacea!" perk the first time they do this.

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

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