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    Monster Girl Dreams has a very extensive cast of characters, ranging from the aforementioned monster girls to humans. They are split into two main categories: generics, who represent nameless individuals from a given race, and named characters who are specific individuals.

    Below will be a list of the named characters with small summaries. See their individual pages for details. Note this list will inevitably contain spoilers!

    Characters[edit | edit source]

    Main[edit | edit source]

    • NONAY.png The Hero - You! A young male human who has traveled to Lucidia, on a quest to defeat the mysterious Demon Queen.

    Recurring[edit | edit source]

    • Auriabubble.png Auria - A cheerful Golden Mimic who appears in every level as a travelling merchant.
    • Perpetuabubble.png Perpetua - Your self-proclaimed rival, a mischievous Red Slime who often gets into trouble in her attempts to prove her strength.
    • StellaBubble.png Stella - A Bag Mimic waiting in ambush in every level, eager to drain you with her lips.

    Town[edit | edit source]

    • Amberbubble.png Amber - The blunt and perverted owner of the Town's shop, who sells her wares to like-minded perverts.
    • Bellebubble.png Belle - The stoic Minotaur bouncer and bartender of Vivian's bar and brothel, who ensures things stay in line within her boss' establishment.
    • Elenabubble.png Elena - The guildmaster of the Town's Adventurers' Guild and Elly's older sister, often stressed from excessive paperwork.
    • Ellybubble.png Elly - The quiet archmage of the Town's Adventurers' Guild's Elena's younger sister, who created your Grimoire and Recall Stone.
    • Galvibubble.png Galvi - A Voltlin hailing from the Monster Girl Capital, who has come to the brothel in search of someone to satisfy her sexual desires.
    • Lillianbubble.png Lillian - The cheerful priestess of the Town's church, who stays in denial over the lewd nature of her own Goddess.
    • NONAY.png Lucille - A Valkyrie servant of the Goddess who watches over Lillian and the church.
    • Marabubble.png Mara - A teacher hailing from the Monster Girl Capital, who has come to the brothel to take a break from work and who is more than meets the eye.
    • Vivianbubble.png Vivian - The sultry owner of the Town's inn and brothel, who enjoys playing matchmaker, generally without the involved parts' knowledge.

    Mystic Forest[edit | edit source]

    • Grenbubble.png Gren - A friendly and peppy Frog Girl who enjoys a good 'tussle' and has a fetish for butts, both giving and receiving.
    • Kyrabubble.png Kyra - A pent-up Lizard Girl from the desert region who has traveled to the forest in search of her soulmate.
    • Niccibubble.png Nicci - An amorous Alraune who is more than eager to provide her nectar, in exchange for your own fluids.
    • Rosaurabubble.png Rosaura - An Alraune located in Venefica's garden, awaiting to be fertilized.
    • Selenabubble.png Selena - A Nymph who resides within a secluded grove, found only by the luckiest men.
    • Trishabubble.png Trisha - A seemingly innocent innkeeper offering free food and sleep, who is more than she seems at first glance.
    • Veneficabubble.png Venefica - A terrifyingly powerful and ancient witch who owns her own confectionery, which provides both normal and magical sweets.

    Forest Dungeon[edit | edit source]

    • Ancillabubble.png Ancilla - A Sheep Girl with curbed emotions who oversees the day-to-day operations of the dungeon while her mistress spends most of her time asleep.
    • Mikabubble.png Mika - A Cat Girl employed by the dungeon, obsessed with anal sex and with a debt problem with the Adventurers' Guild not unlike your own.
    • Sofiabubble.png Sofia - First of the Demon Commanders and guardian of the Sigil of Allure, one of the most powerful Arch-Succubi of the world, who spends most of her time sleeping in her chambers.
    • Vilibubble.png Vili - A mischievous Arch-Imp who resides in the dungeon's hidden backrooms, unable to participate in its daily basis due to her greater power.

    Mountain[edit | edit source]

    • Camillabubble.png Camilla - A seductive Arachne who asks you not to struggle in her web, so that her predatory instincts do not kick in.
    • Catherinebubble.png Catherine - A former human recently turned Succubus, camping alongside Heather and Jennifer. She still has not fully mastered her demonic powers.
    • Heatherbubble.png Heather - A teasy Succubus with immense breasts, camping alongside Catherine and Jennifer. She is laid back and level-headed.
    • Jenniferbubble.png Jennifer - A sex-crazed Succubus, camping alongside Catherine and Heather. She is very unsubtle about her desire to have as much sex as possible.
    • Jorabubble.png Jora - A mighty Wurm who harasses passing caravans demanding tribute to add to her hoard, who may be just a little socially awkward.
    • Manticorebubble.png The Manticore - A sadistic demonic beast who often sleeps on a rock during the day, draining anyone foolish enough to wake her up with her tail pussy.
    • Narabubble.png Nara - A fellow human adventurer who specializes in exotic dancing moves to captivate her opponents.

    Will-Power Temple[edit | edit source]

    • Aikobubble.png Aiko - A motherly Yuki-Onna, clad in a comfortable kimono, which she uses to tempt others into a warm, lewd hug to escape her cold magic.
    • Bedchanbubble.png Bed-Chan - A playful Tsukumogami taking the form of an extremely comfortable bed, who is more than eager to provide you with a very good night's sleep, and more.
    • Fengbubble.png Feng - A Jiangshi Wolf Girl with a stiff and cold body, who reveals her true power once she has warmed up enough.
    • Himikabubble.png Himika - A Red Oni serving as the co-Demon Commander in charge of the Sigil of Will-Power alongside her twin sister Mizuko, who sports immense strength and large breasts.
    • Kotonebubble.png Kotone - A sultry Kitsune temptress who presides over the Will Trials, using hypnosis to turn would-be heroes into her playthings.
    • Minonibubble.png Minoni - A rather prudish Minotaur who presides over the Power Trials, who is generally eager to lend you a hand and advice.
    • Mizukobubble.png Mizuko - A Blue Oni serving as the co-Demon Commander in charge of the Sigil of Will-Power alongside her twin sister Himika, who sports powerful magic and large buttocks.
    • Shizububble.png Shizu - The seductive master of the Kunoichi ninjas who enjoys forcing her foes to submit and, secretly, awaits one who can do the same to her.

    Caverns[edit | edit source]

    • Amybubble.png Amy - A mysterious, eldritch huntress whose territory extends to the path to the Labyrinth, whose unusual appearance belies a playful personality.
    • Novabubble.png Nova - A laid-back Fire Elemental residing within a pool of lava which she enchanted to be harmless to bathe on, who loves speaking in puns.
    • Tabithabubble.png Tabitha - A socially awkward Bat Girl with a hypnotic voice, who is torn between growing more confident, or embracing her submissiveness.

    Labyrinth[edit | edit source]

    • Berisbubble.png Beris - The Hellhound guardian of the second floor, who despite her crass exterior is actually deeply submissive and fond of being subject to bondage.
    • Cerisbubble.png Ceris - The Hellhound guardian of the first floor, who is as capable of ride you into the dirt as she is to cuddle you and smother you in her softness.
    • Iabelbubble.png Iabel - The "Hellhound" guardian of the fourth floor, sporting the body of a serpent and using her golden lipstick to make you worship her.
    • Ushrisbubble.png Ushris - The Hellhound guardian of the third floor and leader of the Labyrinth, who wants nothing more than a pet for her to torment to her leisure.

    Other[edit | edit source]

    • Blackknightbubble.png Black Knight - The right-hand woman of the Demon Queen, of which little is known.
    • NONAY.png Demon Queen - The ruler of Lucidia. It is your quest to defeat her, except nobody knows who she is or what she is planning to begin with.
    • NONAY.png Venereae - The Goddess of Light, who has declared you as her chosen hero, destined to defeat the Demon Queen.
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